Here's a cat: White House welcomes Willow, the Bidens' cat

WASHINGTON (AP), -- Jill Biden, first lady and President Joe Biden have added the long-awaited cat to their pet family.

Here's a cat: White House welcomes Willow, the Bidens' cat

Willow is a 2-year old farm cat from Pennsylvania named Willow.

Michael LaRosa, spokesperson for the first lady, stated that Willow has settled into the White House with her favorite toys and treats and lots of room to smell, explore, and enjoys the White House.

Jill Biden had stated that Joe Biden would bring a cat to the White House after he was elected in November 2020. However, her arrival was delayed. The White House stated last month that the cat would arrive in January.

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania was the first place that Willow was named after.

LaRosa stated that the tabby with short hair made a lasting impression on Jill Biden by jumping up on stage to interrupt her speech during a 2020 campaign stop at Pennsylvania.

He said, "Seeing their immediate connection, the farm owner knew that Willow belonged to Dr. Biden."

Since President George W. Bush's cat, India, the White House has not had a feline resident.

Willow is now with Commander, the German shepherd puppy Joe Biden gave to President Barack Obama as a birthday present.

Before Commander, the Bidens had Champ and Major, two more German shepherds.

Major, a rescue dog aged three years old, began acting aggressively shortly after his arrival in January 2021. He even bit two people. Major, a rescue dog of three years, was not yet able to adjust to his new environment. He was returned to Delaware by the White House for training.

After consulting with veterinarians, dog behaviorists, and trainers, the Bidens decided to send Major to live with their family, LaRosa stated last month.

Champ, who was 13 years old, died in June.

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