How Doja Cat Avoids Cancellation

A prolific career that includes a new album, planet Her, has made the pop star a constant viral sensation.

How Doja Cat Avoids Cancellation

Doja Cat stood before a Broadway sign that displayed the word "Juicy", the title of her 2019 single, at the Billboard Music Awards in October. Doja Cat spoke directly to the camera as the sparkly intro to the song progressed, her silver leotard giggling and bedazzled. Doja said, "Forget everything you've ever seen and forget all you've heard. Tonight I'm going keep it real." She then saunters into a medley of "Juicy," followed by "Say So", and "Like That," all reimagined in big band stage number.

Doja Cat's homage to Chicago was so impressive, it was difficult not to see the meaning. It was a theatrical interpretation of her songs. It was striking that the musical she was inspired by was one about misunderstood and provocative women. She seemed to want us to abandon all our preconceived notions about her and to listen to the things she had to offer.

The 25-year old star started her career by releasing humorous rap tracks via SoundCloud in early 2010. She has seen both the success and the pitfalls of an online career.

Doja, like Roxie Hart is eager to take on the spotlight, controversy, and all that comes with it. Planet Her is her first concept album. It features her most traditional Top 40 songs, as well as zany lyrics ("Call me Ed Sheeran. He in love with mine body"), and impressive guests (The Weeknd). SZA! Although the cosmic theme isn’t obvious beyond the beats and lo-fi, Planet Her has enough pluses ("Kiss Me More") to keep the summer vibes going.

Doja is a pop singer who spent her early years freestyling and shitposting online while fighting through controversy. Her particular brand of humor might be the reason she isn't feeling alienated even though she enters an alien era.

Amala Zandile Damini was the mother of Doja Cat. Doja was born in Tarzana, an area in Los Angeles. She was the daughter of a South African absentee father and a Jewish American painter mother. Doja spent her childhood in New York, California, and eventually settled in Los Angeles. She dropped out high school at 16

She was also smoking marijuana daily, listening to D'Angelo, Erykah Badu and then-reigning pop star Rihanna. She began free-styling on her computer , ripping beats off YouTube and recording songs using GarageBand. Doja Cat is her stage name. It refers to the slang term for marijuana and the fact that she was often around cats at the time. She said that it was "just like a high thought" to VladTV.

Doja made waves in 2019 with her second album HOT Pink. But she has been making music for almost a decade. In 2012, Doja self-published " SO HIGH", a psychedelic tribute to stoners on SoundCloud. It caught the attention of major record labels. Doja Cat signed at 17 to RCA Records and Kemosabe Records. The latter was founded by Dr. Luke. (Doja's relationship with the disgraced producer later in her career would be one of her many lasting controversy.

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