Is It Enough to Pick the Hottest Numbers to Win OZ Lotto?

OZ Lotto is one of the biggest lotteries offered in Australia

Is It Enough to Pick the Hottest Numbers to Win OZ Lotto?

OZ Lotto is one of the biggest lotteries offered in Australia. For its huge jackpots, it has gained popularity not only in all parts of Australia but other countries as well. When you make a list of the biggest lotteries from around the world, OZ Lotto (play online here!) is one of the top ones. Let’s get to know about the lottery first and then get into the details of whether or not it is enough to pick the hottest numbers to win the OZ Lotto.

What Is OZ Lotto and How It Works

The first thing that makes OZ Lotto special is that it is the first one to become the national lottery of Australia. It started in 1994, which means the lottery is now 24 years old. During this time, hundreds of people have become millionaires and thousands of people have won other life changing prizes while participating in this lottery. The draws of the lottery take place on Tuesdays. Whoever hits the OZ Lotto jackpot is a guaranteed millionaire because its jackpot starts at $2 million. To make things even better, when there is no winner on a Tuesday draw, the jackpot starts rolling ever. It keeps on getting bigger with time until someone finally wins it.

You can always expect huge wins with OZ Lotto. The term life changing precisely describes the OZ Lotto jackpots. If you don’t know, the OZ Lotto jackpot reached $111 million mark in 2012. What’s even better is that there were four ticket owners who matched the winning numbers. Therefore, there was not just one but four big millionaires on the same day, thanks to the size of the OZ Jackpot. Even in just the recent history, the jackpot has crossed the $50 million mark several times. So, when you play OZ Lotto, you can always hope for a huge – a win that is truly capable of changing your life.

As for the numbers, you have to pick seven numbers of your choice on the play slip to participate in this lottery. However, on the day of the draw, you will see the officials announcing two supplementary numbers as well. For the person who hits the jackpot, these supplementary numbers do not mean anything. They are there only for the winners in the 2nd, 4th and 7th categories. All you have to do to win the jackpot is win the seven numbers you have marked on your play slip with the numbers drawn. For the second prize category, the person has to match only six regular numbers and the supplementary number.

It is important to notice here that you don’t have to pick nine numbers at the time of marking your play slips. When you match only six numbers, the remaining number on your play slip competes to match the supplementary. If this remaining number matches one of the two supplementary numbers drawn, you qualify for the second prize.

A Few Reasons to Participate in OZ Lotto

Here, you will briefly know some of the reasons for participating in OZ Lotto despite the fact that there are many other big lotteries available too.

The Big Jackpots

You know you will be a millionaire if you hit it big with the jackpot. Match the seven numbers and you are the next lucky millionaire in the world. The jackpot does not even require any rollovers to make you a millionaire. The minimum jackpot size in OZ Lotto is $2 million. If it rolls over a few times, you could be the lucky person with an eight digit figure in your account. Not to mention, there are some lucky times when the jackpot goes even beyond $100 million. You might want to put the law of attraction to test here. Think about winning $100 million and who knows, you might be the next biggest OZ Lotto winner.

The Many Winning Categories

Sometimes, you should look at other things than the size of the jackpot. With OZ Lotto, you will be surprised to know that there are seven ways for the participants to win either the jackpot or some prize in another winning category. You can win the division 7 prize by matching only three of the regular numbers and one supplementary numbers. Even if you match two supplementary numbers in this category, your prize stays the same. Even in the second prize category, you can win thousands of dollars. They might not change your life for good but they can definitely help you make some of your dreams come true.

Availability of Online Play

It might surprise you but there are still many lotteries that require you to be physically in the state or city where the lottery is being played. In short, there is no way for you to participate in those lotteries online. On the other hand, Lottosend provides you one of the most reliable platforms that you can use to participate in OZ Lotto. It is a smooth experience and one that comes with lots of perks and incentives. With most other lottery websites, all you get is expensive tickets. That’s not the case when you choose Lottosend for your lottery participation.

In fact, Lottosend helps make things affordable for you as you can take advantage of the bonuses and discounts. With the help of these promotions, you are able to buy more tickets because you get extra credit in your account. You can take advantage of these promotions by simply depositing money in your account. Just depositing the money qualifies you for extra credit from the company. And when it comes to buying the ticket, you can get all the money back that you have purchased the tickets with. It just does not get better than that.

No Tax to Pay

That’s the best part about winning the OZ Lotto and playing one of the lotteries in Australia. When you win $100 million in Australia, all of this money belongs to you. Every dollar of the winning money is yours and you are the one to decide what you want to do with it. On the other hand, you have to pay a lot of taxes for winning any size of the jackpot in the US. When you win the OZ Lotto jackpot, there is nothing to leave a sour taste in your mouth. Think about it: if you win $930 million Powerball Jackpot, you will end up paying nearly $350 million just in the taxes.

It does not matter how much money you win, you are going to end up paying around 37% tax on your winnings. In short, winning $100 million with a Powerball ticket is not really a $100 million triumph. On the other hand, if you win $100 with OZ Lotto, that’s your money and yours only.

Picking the Hottest Numbers – Is It Enough?

When you play lotteries, you are often advised to research a little on the numbers that have been drawn. The numbers from the past draws tell you which ones appear most frequently and which ones appear only rarely. You can mark the numbers on your play slips based on that research. When you mark the hottest numbers, you have better chances of winning in the light of the past statistics. However, is it enough for you to win the jackpot? Is it the only best way of participating in OZ Lotto? That’s not the case at all. In fact, there is a completely different angle to look at it from.

So, when it comes to the hottest numbers, you have 33 that has appeared 127 times in the draws. This makes 33 the most frequent number in the OZ Lotto draws. The second most common number is 2, which has appeared 121 times. Some other frequent numbers include 25, 7, 45, and 28. Based on this information, you should pick these numbers if you are making the numbers manually on your play slips. No, when it comes to the supplementary numbers, the most frequently picked number is 40. The next most common supplementary number is 19. Other frequent supplementary numbers are 13, 4, 8, and 21.

If you look at these common numbers, you would always want to choose them when buying the tickets because they increase your chances of winning. But what if your focus is more on winning big rather than increasing the chances of winning? Perhaps, it is your lucky day and you have a feeling that you are going to win. In that case, picking the most common numbers is not the best strategy. The other thing you have to look at in this case is the productivity of the number. Productive numbers appear rarely in the results and that’s what makes them productive. Since no one picks them, when you win with those numbers, you have no one to share your prize money with.

Keep in mind that there can be multiple winners in any prize category in OZ Lotto. You can have to share your jackpot with someone or the second prize. When there are fewer winners in any category, you get a bigger prize in your hands. When we look at the numbers from this angle, 33 is one of the numbers with the smallest dividends. On the contrary, it is the most commonly appearing main numbers in the draws. Some other numbers that have yielded small dividends in the past include 9, 13, 28, 11, and 39. On the other hand, the numbers that have the potential to win you the highest dividends are 29, 38, 26, 5, and 32.

You must not forget that statistics are only based on the past results and they can only predict the future so much. You can never trust them 100% to win you the jackpot or some other prize. No matter how strong and data-driven they are, these estimates are still guesses. Take the example of number 37. It is one of the top ten most frequently appearing numbers in the OZ Lotto draws. However, this same number has not been drawn for 12 weeks now. Same goes for the number 13 in the supplementary picks. It happens to be the sixth most frequently appearing supplementary numbers. However, it has not been drawn in the supplementary picks for 148 weeks now.

How Should You Pick the Numbers Then?

First of all, you should know that it is entirely your choice to pick the numbers you want. Yes, the research is good and statistics are helpful. However, people have won without taking them into account as well. Some of the biggest wins in the history of OZ Lotto and other lotteries were the result of quick picks. When you choose the quick pick option, it is the computer that generates the numbers for you randomly. In simple words, you completely ignore the hottest numbers, coldest numbers, productive numbers, etc.

However, if you do want to have some control over your choice, you can try a few tactics. The first thing you want to do is make up your mind to play more than one line. The most guaranteed way of increasing your chances of winning is playing more numbers. Pick three or four lines. Pick one line randomly i.e. using the quick pick option. Pick second line manually and mark the numbers with your own intuition. Pick another line with the hottest numbers and the last one with the most productive numbers. Yes, that might sound like an expensive transaction, but you have Lottosend to help you make these things affordable for you.

Final Thoughts

No matter how much you research, there is no secret trick or magic spell that would help you win a guaranteed jackpot. The most important thing in all of this is how you think about your lottery participation. Perhaps, the best way to go about it is to apply the law of attraction. Persistence and patience have been the two most helpful qualities that have helped thousands of people around the world win millions and billions. Keep your faith strong, play persistently, and hope for the best. And while you are at it, make sure you pick only the best lotteries of the world like OZ Lotto, so when you eventually win, it is a huge win.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2018, 08:56