Issa Rae has a husband

While we may be still waiting to see her character on "Insecure", Issa Rae in real life is now married.

Issa Rae has a husband

The star of the HBO show posted wedding pictures on her Instagram account from her intimate ceremony with longtime love Louis Diame, which was held in the South of France.

Rae is not open about her relationship. In the caption of the photos, Rae joked about it all and wrote: "A] Impromptu photoshoot in a custom @verawang gown. B) I had my girls come to help me. However, they were all wearing the same dress. They were so embarrassed. C) I then took a few pictures with Somebody's Husband."

After she wore an engagement ring on the cover, "Essence", magazine published speculations that the actress and the businessman were engaged.

  • The news was not confirmed or commented on by either party.

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