Jamie Lynn, "Call Her Daddy": The Biggest Revelations about Britney and More

It continues. Jamie Lynn Spears, former child star, is promoting her new book, Things I Should have Said. She shares new details about her family as well as her complicated relationship to Britney Spears.

Jamie Lynn, "Call Her Daddy": The Biggest Revelations about Britney and More

"I love my sister. Guess what? I am her biggest fan. On Tuesday, January 18, the Zoey 101 alum stated that sisters are sisters or whatever. "I was born into this family. This was not the choice I made. It's almost like I was riding in the waves trying to survive. So that was how my life was: "Just survive this moment."

Britney and Jamie Lynn, 40, have been publically tense ever since Britney's explosive testimony in June 2021 about Britney's conservatorship. Britney has claimed that Britney tried to help her during her mental health struggles. However, Britney has also accused her siblings and parents of exploiting her. Britney had already reacted to the allegations in Jamie Lynn's memoir on Tuesday after her Nightline interview earlier this year.

Jamie Lynn released an Instagram statement saying, "I hate to burst the bubble of my sister, but my book not about her." It's not hard to remember that I was also born a Spears, and that some my experiences involve my sister. Since I was a teenager, I have worked hard and built my career despite being my little sister.

Britney ended Jamie Lynn's claim that she once locked her younger sibling, Jamie Lynn, in a room with knives. Britney wrote on January 15: "Jamie Lynn... congrats! This is a new level of low... Please stop telling these lies to Hollywood! Only now do I realize that such things are only possible because of a scumperson.

Britney was then urged by Jaime Lynn to call Britney so they could have a private discussion. However, Jamie Lynn's interview on "Call Her Daddy", which consists of two parts, could lead to more tension between the sisters. Jamie Lynn also spoke out about the alleged knife incident.

She said, "I think people should remember that I'm telling this tale about what I experienced, regardless of who pulled me into that room. You have to understand that it was an experience that was really frightening and made me feel really unsafe."

Britney has not yet responded to Jamie Lynn's podcast interview. Part 2 of Britney's interview will be available on Wednesday, January 19.

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How Britney's split from Justin impacted the Family

Jamie Lynn recalled Britney's ex boyfriend Justin Timberlake fondly in her memoir and on "Call Her Daddy," calling him a father figure and noting that he gave "thoughtful Christmas gifts" and explaining that Britney and Justin were the first healthy relationship she had ever seen.

Jamie Lynn expressed sadness over their 2002 split and said that Britney's and Justin's relationship was "probably the best time in our family's entire life."

She said that she didn't know why the couple had split. But, she did say that it was something she thought about. Imagine that you are in high school and you have all the fame and money in the world. Imagine if you talked to or texted another girl. Could this be what it would look like if you were criminalized for all that?

Knife Incident

Jamie Lynn said Britney was "scared" and brought her in a locked room with a large knife after she married Jason Alexander in Las Vegas in 2004. Britney, an All That's alum, still hasn't figured out why Britney was so scared. She claimed she wasn't allowed to feel about anything.

Jamie Lynn thought that she must have been suffering from pain as well as coming to terms with the incident. ... She was a young, brilliant woman going through a difficult time. If she couldn't get up on her own, someone else should. I was not an adult back then. I couldn't... Someone should have said, "Stop the f---king presses." Give this girl a minute. '"

Jamie Lynn and Mom Lynne's Physical Fight

Sweet Magnolias actress Lynne Spears claimed that she once "snapped", and attacked her with a large purse with a camera inside.

"I was an exceptional a-hole to my mom a lot, and I do regret many things that I could have done better. It's not like my mom. Jamie Lynn replied, "I told her that I'm sharing it [in the book]", Cooper adding that she didn't deserve to get hit. Cooper also revealed that Jamie Lynn's makeup artist saw her bruises in the book.

Jamie Lynn said that her mother and she worked together to resolve their problems. "My family has gone through some tough times. She said, "My mom, I don’t want people going after her."

Money issues

Cooper asked Jamie Lynn questions about money management in the Spears household throughout the interview. Jamie Lynn recalls Britney offering to buy Lynne's house if Jamie divorces. Lynne accepted the offer, and the couple split in 2002. Jamie Lynn said that her father still visited the house when he wanted to, and nothing changed. Jamie Lynn noted that she was paid $500 per week as an allowance for working on Zoey 101. She also explained that her mother also paid for the apartments they stayed in while she was filming the series. OK! The OK! Magazine exclusive that Jamie Lynn was 16-months pregnant, she did not reveal the number but clarified that she kept the money to help raise her daughter Maddie who was born in 2008.

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