Jamie Lynn Spears breaks her silence about Britney

Jamie Lynn Spears (30 years old) has spoken out after Britney Spears told a court Wednesday that she was being "abused" by a conservatorship.

Jamie Lynn Spears breaks her silence about Britney

Britney claimed that her family has "lived off" her conservatorship for 13 year, one of many accusations she made in court. Jamie Lynn was accused by social media users of living off Britney while doing nothing to assist her. The younger sister finally spoke out on Monday night via Instagram stories.

Jamie Lynn stated, "Hey everyone, I just wanted to take a moment to address some things." "The reason I didn't do it before is that I felt like it wasn’t my place or the right thing to be doing it until my sister was able speak for herself. Now that she has spoken clearly and said what she needed, I feel like she is able to lead me and let me say what I think I should.

According to Spears' younger sister, she had "loved" and supported her sister since she was born. She doesn't care if she runs away to the rainforest to have zillions of babies or returns to dominate the world like she did so many times.

Britney made a number of serious allegations against her conservators during the court hearing. One of them was Jamie Spears, Britney's father. Britney, 39, claimed that her conservators wouldn't allow her to go to a doctor for her IUD removal so she can have another child. She claimed that she was forced to perform.

Britney maintained that her family did not help her while her conservators kept a tight grip on her life. She said, "And I would honestly love to sue my relatives, to be completely honest with you."

Fans began to comment on Jamie Lynn's absence in her sister's lives, alleging that Britney made money. Jaime Lynn stated that this is not true.

Jamie Lynn stated that she is her only sister and is only concerned about her happiness. "I made a conscious decision in my life that I would only participate in her lives as her sister and aunt to those boys." Britney has Jayden and Sean and Jamie Lynn has Maddie and Ivey.

Jaimie Lynn, a Nickelodeon star who appeared on "Zoey 101" when she was a child, stated, "I mean. I've worked hard to pay my own bills since I turned 10 years old." "Not that the public owes me anything, my sister knows that I love and support them, and that's all I owe anyone."

Jamie Lynn said that she supported her sister "longbefore there was a hashtag," referring to the #FreeBritney movement.

"I am so proud of her for using my voice. Jamie Lynn expressed her pride in her asking for new counsel. "She did what I had told her to do years ago." "No, not in a large public forum, but in a private conversation between two sisters. "So, I'm proud she took that step."

Online, Britney's peers as well as pop stars have been criticized for failing to support her in her legal battle to remove conservatorship. Christina Aguilera, Britney's co-star on "Mickey Mouse Club," released a statement Monday night to Instagram and Twitter.

Aguilera shared a photo of Britney and herself as children, writing "These last few days I've thought about Britney and all she is going through." It is unacceptable that anyone, human or woman, wants to control their destiny and be able to live the life they want.

According to the singer, every woman should be able to control her body, reproductive system, and privacy. She said that although she is not able to see the inside of the intimate and personal conversation, all she can do is share what she's heard, read, and seen in the media.

Britney made a statement on social media after her court appearance. "I sincerely apologize for pretending that I've been okay the past two years," Britney wrote. This was apparently in reference to her previous social media posts. "I did it out of pride and I was embarrassed by sharing what happened to me. But honestly, who wouldn't want to see their Instagram in a fun light?"

She wrote, "I'm bringing it to people's attention because people don't want to believe my life is perfect because IT'S DEFINITELY not AT ALL." "And if I have told you anything about me this week, you know that it isn't!" "

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