Jane Levy Slams Don’t Breathe Director after He Claims She’s 'Truly Happy’ Acting on TV

"Maybe we should ask why these films were made in such an way that their directors are afraid to have committed actors participate?" Jane Levy tweeted Wednesday

Jane Levy Slams Don’t Breathe Director after He Claims She’s 'Truly Happy’ Acting on TV

Jane Levy addresses comments made by director of her 2016 horror-thriller Do Not Breathe about why he didn’t ask her back to do the sequel.

According to Screen Rant, Fede Alvarez stated that he views the "amazing" Levy in her "true element" where she's "truly happy," during a recent press conference for Don't Breathe 2. (Levy is currently the star of Zoey's ExtraordinaryPlaylist.

Levy, 31, said in her Twitter response Wednesday that she didn't want to revisit the matter but it felt funny to have people make the "best decision" for her without asking me what I think or want.

Screen Rant reported that Alvarez, who directed Levy in Don't Breathe and Evil Dead (2013), said that he had "so much respect" for her actress and was "so happy that her TV stuff is having such success."

Alvarez, 43, said, "When I [pictured] her filming this movie, she was not happy." "I believe she gives 200% every single day. These movies are very demanding in the way they are done." She would not have accepted it.

"In general actors who go through this -- and take it seriously -- go to hell. He continued, "She went through hell twice back to back with Evil Dead, Don't Breathe." It was even more difficult by the time of Don't Breathe. Perhaps she would have said yes if I had called her. Although I doubt it, I feel terrible if she did. That's something I would never do to anyone."

Levy stated in her first tweet that @fedalvar was correct. I wouldn't want to do "Don't Breathe 2"... but that is not because I am too committed of an actor lol.

Rodo Sayagues, who co-wrote the Don’t Breathe films and will be making his directorial debut in the sequel, said that he wasn't thinking about Levy's future career path when he came up with the story.

"We thought: "What is the sequel we want to do?" Screen Rant reports that he also added. "We created the story and it didn't require her character. That was it.

Date Of Update: 01 July 2021, 17:22

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