Jenner campaign: No TV, book or TV deals for works that are tied to recall

Caitlyn Jenner began a month-long campaign tour Thursday to run for California's next governor. This raised new questions about her motivations for entering the race.

Jenner campaign: No TV, book or TV deals for works that are tied to recall

Questions about whether she had secured any TV or book deals in connection to the September recall election, which could see her lose the Democratic governor, were evaded by the former Olympian. Gavin Newsom has been removed from office.

Jenner said, "I've never worked as hard for nothing in all my life," after Jenner was asked about side hustles that could make money. After answering a second question about possible deals, Jenner steered clear of the next.

Later in the afternoon, however, her campaign released a statement stating that she had not undertaken any money-making ventures related to the campaign.

When asked why she didn’t answer when she was asked about side deals, the campaign replied, "It wasn't a question that she was expecting."

Jenner's first attempt at office was marred by doubts over her intentions. Jenner also had to worry about whether she might be running vanity campaigns that were linked to her entertainment career. Jenner has never managed a large government such as California, which is the fifth-largest in the world.

Jenner revealed that she fled the country shortly after announcing her campaign for a reality television program in Australia. Jenner said it was an earlier arranged commitment.

Jenner, who was outed as transgender in 2015, has millions of followers on social media and also skipped the Aug. 4 debate. Her campaign stated that she opted to fly to events instead of taking a planned bus tour across the state.

On Thursday, Newsom was given a lift by President Joe Biden. He issued a statement encouraging Californians not to support the recall of Sept. 14. Biden stated that Newsom is "a skilled worker who has been doing the job for a long time." Biden and Kamala Harris (the former California senator) are expected to play active roles in the campaign.

Jenner's candidacy was unconventional right from the beginning.

Her first website was mostly dedicated to soliciting donations and selling campaign merchandise like T-shirts, hats and wine glasses bearing her name. After announcing her intention to enter the contest, it took her 77-days to hold her first news conference.

Despite her fame, she is still little more than an asterisk on the polls. Recent fundraising reports showed that her campaign was in serious debt.

Doug Ose, a former congressman and one of Jenner's Republican rivals, was asked about Jenner. He said that he wasn't sure if it was a serious campaign, or a docudrama to monetize it after the fact.

John Cox, a real estate investor and Republican candidate, stated that California has seen its fair share of media candidates. It's time for California to get a businessman.

According to tax filings, Jenner's earnings have dropped dramatically in recent years. They were at a peak of $2.5million in 2016, when Jenner had her own reality television show. Now they are at $550,000 and 2019.

Jenner, a 71-year old, was the anchor of her campaign for televised media interviews. She made embarrassing mistakes that showed her inexperience.

Jenner was in Venice for the state's homelessness crisis. Residents are in turmoil over filthy conditions and drug use as well as the inability of the city to restore order.

Robin Nelson, a 21-year-old Venice resident, said that the neighborhood, once known for its artistic community and boardwalk, has fallen into "total chaos." He was sitting outside a gym where unhoused people could pitch tents.

She supports Newsom's recall. "I don’t want the state going the way that it’s going," she stated. She is now leaning towards supporting Larry Elder, a conservative talk radio host, and former San Diego mayor Kevin Faulconer.

Jenner's past ties with former President Donald Trump have turned her off.

Jenner was not on her radar, she stated.

Nichole Cruz, a Democrat who is also a voice-over artist and lives in Marina del Rey said that she doesn't pay much attention to the news and supports Newsom. Jenner, to her eyes, is nothing more than a name.

Cruz stated, "I can't claim that there is anything I know about her."

Jenner attributes the homeless crisis to high living costs, unemployment, and a lack affordable housing. Many of the homeless are also suffering from mental health problems and drug addictions. She blames Newsom for creating an industry around homelessness in which state funds are funnelled to non-profits that then fund his campaigns.

During much of her street tour she was followed by around 20 photographers, reporters and TV camera operators. This demonstrates her celebrity appeal. One lone man approached her and asked her to go to a local shelter for homeless people. The heckler shouted at her, "It's all about image."

Newsom has proposed to spend $12 billion to help more people get off the streets and into homes, with the support of a record-breaking budget surplus.

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