Jessica Simpson offers a glimpse into her struggle with alcoholism: Check out the photo that is 'unrecognizable.

Jessica Simpson gives fans a peek into her struggle with alcoholism by sharing a "unrecognizable" photograph of herself four years ago.

Jessica Simpson offers a glimpse into her struggle with alcoholism: Check out the photo that is 'unrecognizable.

The 41-year old singer shared her past struggles with addiction in her 2020 memoir, "Open Book." On Monday, she took to Instagram to post a photo of herself wearing pink sweatshirt, sweatpants, and sitting on a cushion. She also included reflections about addiction.

She said that the photo captured the moment she would let myself shine again, triumph over my inner battle with self-respect, and face the world with piercing clarity.

She continued, "I wanted to live like a leader and break cycles to move forward- never looking back in regret or remorse about any decision I made and would make for my remaining time here within this beautiful universe."

Simpson said that the past four years have felt like two, and that it was necessary to accept failure, pain and brokenness as well as self-sabotage.

"The drinking was not the problem. She wrote, "I was." I didn't love my self. I didn't value my own power. Today, I respect my own power. I've made peace with my fears and accepted the parts that were just sad in my life. With soulful courage, I take control of my own power. I am open and honest. I am free."

Simpson shared that she was sexually abused in childhood and later overcome drug and alcohol addictions in her memoir, "Open Book." . She explained that her trauma from abuse and stress over her job led to her dependence on drugs and alcohol.

She wrote that she was "killing myself with all the drinking, pills" in her memoir. She also said she has been sober since Nov. 2017, and that therapy helped her heal. It was simple to give up alcohol. That bottle drove me crazy. It allowed me to remain complacent, numb.

Simpson announced in December 2020 that she would be partnering with Amazon Studios to produce two new series based on her memoir and two essays about motherhood, gratitude and other topics.

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