Joel Kinnaman claims a woman tries to 'exort' him after consensual sex. He gets a restraint order

Joel Kinnaman claims the woman "has been threatening me and my family with physical harm" and "attempting extort money from him."

Joel Kinnaman claims a woman tries to 'exort' him after consensual sex. He gets a restraint order

Joel Kinnaman has obtained a restraining order against a former sexual partner whom he alleges is "threatening to publicize false information about" him -- including that he "had sex with her against her will."

The Suicide Squad actor, 41, released a lengthy statement on Instagram Friday revealing he'd filed for the order (obtained by PEOPLE) that morning "against a woman who has been threatening to physically harm me and my family and loved ones, and attempting to extort money and other things of value from me."

Naming the alleged woman as Gabriella Magnusson, a Swedish model who goes by the name Bella Davis, Kinnaman claims that he "had a brief romantic relationship" with her in late 2018, but she later "resorted to threatening to publicize false information about me -- including that I had sex with her against her will -- unless I capitulated to her demands."

According to the actor's claims to the court, the demands included money, Hollywood connections and helping to secure work visas, a verified Instagram account, Wikipedia pages, a photo shoot for Sports Illustrated, $400,000 USD for an apartment, and many other things.

PEOPLE - Davis, who claims Kinnaman raped Davis, said that she had never been threatened or asked for money.

Kinnaman claimed that he met Davis in New York, and they had consensual sexual sex in November 2018. "But we didn't spend the night together as I had to be up at 5 AM for work the next morning." She texted me the next day to tell me she was upset that I hadn't asked her to spend a night with him and that she didn't check with me to ensure she got home safely.

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