Julia Garner portrays a fake German heiress on 'Inventing Anna.

Julia Garner admitted to feeling intimidated when she met Anna Sorokin, who was a New York heiress dressed as a German heiress and later convicted for fraud.

Julia Garner portrays a fake German heiress on 'Inventing Anna.

Garner plays Sorokin on the Netflix series "Inventing Anna" by Shonda Rhimes, which premieres Friday. Garner was surprised at the prison meeting. Sorokin was very likable.

Garner stated, "I just really wanted her energy." "What I didn't expect was her bubbly personality and charming demeanour.

Garner left with insight into how Sorokin managed to pull it off.

"When I came out of that visit I was like, "Wow, that is why she was so close to getting everything she wanted. That's why she is so attractive to powerful people and people generally. ... It caused you to feel conflicted. It was quite strange."

"Inventing Anna" is based upon a New York magazine article written by Jessica Pressler. Jessica is also a producer. Six-time Emmy nominee Anna Chlumsky plays Vivian, a reporter who chases the story. She ends up writing Pressler's piece.

Alexis Floyd, Laverne Cx and Anthony Edwards are the people she casts. Arian Moayed is Sorokin’s attorney. Katie Lowes plays Rachel. She enjoyed being close friends with someone who lived a five-star life. Rachel was on Sorokin’s trip to Morocco, when Sorokin’s credit cards stopped functioning. She blamed the bank. Rachel, a Vanity Fair employee gave her company card for a temporary hold, but was ultimately charged $60,000. Rachel, a Vanity Fair employee, gave her company card as a temporary hold but ended up being charged $60,000.

Garner, who was twice awarded Emmys for her work on "Ozark," said that this was the most difficult project she had ever done. The hardest part was learning to place Sorokin’s accent.

It's not like a Southern accent. It's a British accent. Garner said, "It's just German accent... It's just Russian accent." "I had to have accents with different accents.

Chlumsky said that her scenes with Garner, her character visiting Anna in prison and trying to get Anna to open up, were "like the best days of acting class."

"You play off each other and are totally committed to the moment. It was like we were training exactly the same way.

"Inventing Anna" Rhimes' second Netflix project is a success and it shows. Fans of Rhimes' other shows will recognize the music, look and writing style. Lowes, as well as Jeff Perry who played one of Vivian’s coworkers, was a regular guest on "Scandal." Lowes was Quinn, and Perry was Cyrus. Rhimes also featured other cast members.

Lowes stated that there are certain things that go into Shondaland sauce no matter what show it is. "We are talking about complicated, complex women in leading roles. We don't know who is the villain and who is the hero. It's so overwhelming that it is hard to take in the information. You just want to move on to the next page."

One individual isn't interested in the series. Insider.com published an open letter from the real Sorokin, in which she stated that she would not be watching the series and said "nothing .... seems appealing".

After serving approximately two years in prison, Sorokin was released one year ago. She is currently being held by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and is awaiting a possible return to Germany.

Moayed believes we will continue to hear about Anna no matter what happens.

"This is the first part. "I think we are just beginning to get to know who she is."

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