Kanye West and Irina Shayk photographed together as Love rumors continue

From the news absolutely nobody saw coming, it looks like Kanye West is moving on from Kim Kardashian faster than we anticipated and it is with the last person we would ever imagine. After a few months of rumors asserting the"Closed on a Sunday" rapper was dating supermodel Irina Shayk, they've been seen out together while vacationing in France. Are those two actually a few? Let's investigate.

Kanye West and Irina Shayk photographed together as Love rumors continue

The most recent paparazzi photos come from the Daily Mail (click here to view them), which watch Kanye and Irina smiling while on a stroll in Provence, France. They had been spotted together on Tuesday, June 8, which had been the father-of-four's 44th birthday.

According to a source from People, it was Kim Kardashian's ex-husband who pioneered the international trip, as he invited the 35-year-old Russian star to France with him. Here Is What else the diplomatic had to say about their present relationship:

"They've known each other professionally for several years. He started chasing her a few weeks ago. Kanye is a persuasive man. He hung out with her in NYC before they celebrated his birthday in France."

The source explained where they stand, stating:"They aren't officially dating, but there is an interest from either side."

Thus Kanye and Irina are not formally boyfriend-girlfriend, but a lavish trip to one of the most romantic countries in the world appears to be a large step. Unlike us ordinary folk, however, they could manage to take spontaneous vacations like this, even if they don't mean anything serious. We'll be keeping a close eye on where they go from here.

Previously, Irina outdated actor Bradley Cooper from 2015 to 2019, and the two share a girl called Lea De Seine. For Kanye's part, of course, he is going through a highly-publicized divorce from Kim Kardashian. After being friends for years, Kim and Kanye formally tied the knot in 2014.

Obviously, Kardashian lovers are not able to hear the news about Kanye and Irina hanging out, and we're now curious to find out just how Kim feels about the whole thing. Make sure you keep up with us in Kardashian Dish for all the new updates with this budding relationship.

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