Karla and Frank, expelled In MasterChef 11 there is a lot of bad slime

Look, it's hard for Mario Vaquerizo to dislike someone

Karla and Frank, expelled In MasterChef 11 there is a lot of bad slime

Look, it's hard for Mario Vaquerizo to dislike someone. Well, Luca Dazi, the 18-year-old tiktoker who has accumulated the most comments in these first installments of MasterChef 11, has succeeded. The boy's airs, his arrogance, his lack of humility, his inability to endure even a single criticism makes anyone desperate, Mario Vaquerizo as well. And it is that Luca has a lot, a lot of bad temper.

Anyone who says something that is a little critical is already sentenced by the tiktoker. With his colleagues, tell Jotha, he doesn't keep quiet, but when he is one of the judges or, like last night, one of the guests, things change. Right there, he does a Bette Davis-style drop of the eyelash, endures the pull and waits until they are not in front of her to spit toads and snakes out of her mouth.

It cannot be denied that Luca is the token that is playing the most in MasterChef 11. Between Jordi Cruz wanting to re-educate him and giving him the task of making the beds for all his teammates, to see if he starts to hatch, and between together with Larraitz, who also has a bad temper for a while, it is impossible to make a career out of him. He is more aware of criticizing what his teammates do than listening to what he has to improve. Because for Luca everything he does is the most of the most.

Yes, Luca has a lot of it, and there is nothing worse in MasterChef than having a lot of it. Every time Jordi Cruz, Pepe Rodríguez, Samantha Vallejo-Nágera or one of their teammates have put any of his shortcomings on the table, he jumps like a spring and unleashes his biting tongue. Yesterday it was Mario Vaquerizo's turn, the former candidate for Masterchef Celebrity and the MasterChef Christmas Special, who with all the gentleness in the world and even with fear, simply told him that his chicken was a little dry and that if it did not reach the level he would I would have to get used to it. Why do we want more? Luca's murderous look really scared Mario Vaquerizo. And is not for less. It's hard to trust Luca because he doesn't know where he can get you.

Of course, in front of Mario Vaquerizo and the judges not a word. Luca is more than stabbing you in the back, when they don't see you. "Let's see, if I'm honest, Mario isn't that I liked him very much. After his opinion about my set, I didn't like him, but hey... He's been very close to us, but when he gave his opinion about It has thrown me back a bit", he released behind the kitchens to the astonishment of his partner in the kitchens, Larraitz. And for Larraitz to freak out...

The union between Larraitz and Luca is like combining hunger with the desire to eat. The bad feeling that both have with Jotha since the first program has led them to form a strange team that feeds off each other. Luca is a critic of those who make an era, but Larraitz is too. You only have to see last night when Fray Marcos had to get on the mechanical bull to get more cooking time and Jordi Cruz asked him if, given the hernias he has, he wanted to go up or better let his partner, Francesc, do the test alone, the words and gestures of Luca and Larraitz: "It's a lie about the hernias, if not, don't get on." Larraitz released her and Luca agreed with her with those faces of not having gone a year in several days. And so, every two by three in MasterChef 11.

Then, yes, facing the gallery and with whom they are interested, they are all good faces, they are almost always good faces because Luca cannot avoid that their faces are the reflection of the soul. They were the ones who chose to cook together. The first test of the first MasterChef 11 program this week was to cook several American cuisine dishes in pairs. Simple or, at least, it seemed that way considering that the second task of the night, the one that put you out on the street, was to prepare a traditional French cuisine dish.

The fact is that it seemed that it was going to be simple, but no, for some it was not. Problems with the preparation of the mayonnaise for the lobster roll, problems with leaving the barbecue ribs raw, problems with leaving the chicken strips dry, problems with the thickness and preparation of the hamburger... And on this list were Larraitz and Luca .

Look, when Mario Vaquerizo approached Samantha Vallejo-Nägera through Luca and Larraitz's kitchens, it seemed that Mario Vaquerizo and Luca were going to get along, but the tiktoker's outbursts put the singer on notice. That way of addressing that Luca has, that it seems that he is forgiving your life, that way of believing the last coca-cola in the desert, that way of looking, those faces of needing a box of All-Bran every day... No , Mario Vaquerizo did not like them at all. His surprised face when Luca blurted out why they didn't watch and stop entertaining them was the first touch. The next one would come with the valuation.

It is difficult, very difficult for Mario Vaquerizo to jump. He has not even done it with Jorge Javier Vázquez when he has put him and his wife Alaska, to fall from a donkey, how he was going to do it with Luca. But, like many of the MasterChef 11 hopefuls and many of the viewers, Luca ends up getting tired. It is a question of attitude, but it is an attitude for which you have to have a lot of patience and a lot of stamina. For now, the judges are holding out, because they have no other choice and because Luca's goal for being in Masterchef 11 is probably to attract more followers on social networks, because neither his level is to be in Masterchef nor is his attitude.

The judges can put up with whatever they want and what they are told, but the one who comes from outside does not have to put up with Luca's lack of humility and believing himself to be the best. Mario Vaquerizo endured. He endured that fall of eyelashes as if he was forgiving his life when Mario Vaquerizo only dared to say that the chicken was a little dry. Note that Jordi Cruz and the rest of the judges were hard on Larraitz and Luca's dishes, going so far as to say that they were "terrifying", because Luca didn't even flinch. Of course, they were the judges! But as soon as Mario opened his mouth... And Mario Vaquerizo got fed up, fed up with that behavior and saved the mess for later. For when Luca tried to explain that he had done it with all the enthusiasm and effort, but that he had not come out: "Well, honey, we will have to get used to it if we do not reach the level."

And it wouldn't end there. Luca's attitude remained in Mario Vaquerizo's heart and he was not going to let it go so easily. He waited for the last assessment, that of Leti and Lluis, also to eat separately, to drop the lace on the tiktoker. Lluis doesn't like criticism very well either, but he receives it in the best possible way considering that he can't stand it. Jordi Cruz let him know and that was when Mario Vaquerizo took the opportunity to give the final blow. "I am going to give advice to all of you who are here, that right now there are many of you," Mario Vaquerizo started, "they are telling you the truth, do not take it personally," he continued.

But Luca, who was already in a mood, got angry and didn't breathe or look at him. Oh, friend, Mario Vaquerizo with bullshit as a little boy! "Child, look at me," the artist snapped, "here no one is against anyone, here we simply come to listen because what they want for you is the best and we have come here to be the best." Luca's little face, oh, Luca's little face.

I don't know if Mario Vaquerizo's words would help Luca, but before starting the second test of the night, Jotha revealed that coexistence had improved, that Luca had made everyone's beds and that he had left a heart on the bed They hugged, but then Luca Terrible appeared: "Let's see, I made him a heart, but I wanted to make him poop." He fabric with the tiktoker.

Well, in addition to Mario Vaquerizo putting the points on the ies, on top of the second test, in which with the new mechanics of MasterChef 11, an expelled person is expelled. But this time, MasterChef 11 was going to surprise. It was not going to be one but there were going to be two.

All the black aprons, 10 of them after saving Laura and Camino a Sergio y Carlota, would have to replicate a typical dish of French cuisine: cassoulet de Carcassonne, foie gras mi cuit or quiche Lorraine... And once again, they were Laura and Camino those who selected which dish each one had to make.

Although the judges ended up very surprised by the dishes they had made, taking into account how complicated French cuisine is, Karla and Frank were expelled after making some dishes that, in the words of Pepe Rodríguez, did not even meet the "required minimum". to be in MasterChef 11. It is better for everyone, even those who believe that last coca-cola, to get their batteries together, because the yellow brick road is beginning to end.

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