'Kominsky Method' star Michael Douglas admits That He gets'Worried' on Place

He disclosed he about registering on a streaming series: how"great" the script had been that he'd be"surrounded by gifted actors."

'Kominsky Method' star Michael Douglas admits That He gets'Worried' on Place

"Streaming has attracted television and films together again. So it has been a wonderful chance for ability from feature films to get in to loading and vice versa," Douglas told Fox News while boosting the series's third and last year.

Douglas said among"The Kominsky Method" strongest facets is the way that humor show addresses sad or serious issues without preaching to its own audience.

"It's amazing if you're able to soften [themes ] upward and humor and humor places you at a relaxed manner and may [help you] cope with a few of the absurdities of those seriously significant topics," he concluded. "So they are simpler to cope with instead of feeling as if you are getting a lecture"

And although Douglas is a bonafide expert, he confessed he still gets worried handling a new role on a brand new project.

"I get anxious. Inherently people consider celebrities as being hams -- only comfortable in front of audiences. I am not a really good speaker. I am always worried," he clarified. "Once I need to [perform ] public talking or behave, I take a deep breath and then exhale to sort of leap to the unknown"

"Now, I have gotten used to my nerves and also how to take care of this. Nonetheless, it's a part of this excitement, actually, of being a celebrity. That is a part of the risk facet of flying without a net"

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