"Leave no stone unturned": Saxony-Anhalt is looking for teachers with headhunters

Teacher shortages are a nationwide problem.

"Leave no stone unturned": Saxony-Anhalt is looking for teachers with headhunters

Teacher shortages are a nationwide problem. Especially Corona and the integration of refugee students from Ukraine pose great challenges for Germany. Saxony-Anhalt has now hired 75 new teachers - with the help of headhunters.

According to a report, Saxony-Anhalt is now successfully looking for teachers with headhunters throughout Europe. 75 new teachers have been brought to Saxony-Anhalt since last year, reports the "Mitteldeutsche Zeitung" with reference to figures from the state education ministry. The agencies commissioned would have received almost 750,000 euros for this.

Applicants came from Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Spain, Poland, Finland, Romania and Switzerland, among others. The ministry now even wants to expand the international search for personnel. "In the current situation, we must leave no stone unturned to find well-trained teachers for our schools," Education Minister Eva Feußner from the CDU told the newspaper. Costs only arise when the contract is concluded.

At the beginning of the project, however, there was criticism from the left, as reported by ZDF. Because the concept is very expensive and possibly not efficient enough. "Paying headhunters to look for teachers is a waste of money. The success would be significantly greater if additional staff were used for this money," says Thomas Lippmann, education policy spokesman for the left.

However, Minister of Education Feußner assured: "For every teacher who can be recruited through the headhunter, the efforts have paid off". International recruitment has "now become a valued and professional tool for recruiting".

However, the topic is not over with that. Because the shortage of teachers is not only a problem in Saxony-Anhalt. Nationwide, the ongoing corona pandemic and the integration of refugee schoolchildren from Ukraine pose major challenges for the Federal Republic.

"The Prime Ministers must finally make the fight against the shortage of teachers a top priority and declare it the number one task across departments - otherwise the learning conditions for children and young people will not improve," said VBE boss Udo Beckmann to the editorial network Germany (RND ).

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