Love Island 2021: Brad McClelland’s grandmother says she is concerned that he will be with OnlyFans star Shannon Singh

Brad McClelland will be on TV this Monday, on Love Island

Love Island 2021: Brad McClelland’s grandmother says she is concerned that he will be with OnlyFans star Shannon Singh

Joyce, his grandmother, has stated that she is concerned about him falling for another Islander Shannon Singh (a 22-year old OnlyFans star).

26-year-old Amble, Northumberland labourer has lived in Amble's two-bedroom bungalow with his grandmother, 75, since he was a child. They have a very close relationship.

When asked by The Mirror about his concern, Brad said that Shannon may be her favorite. The hilarious ex-pub cleaner stated that she desires sex eight times per day.

"I hope he doesn’t end up with her, or that back bedroom is going to be destroyed." I would need the television on high all day.

This is after Shannon's previous claim about her sex drive in an undiscovered podcast she recorded earlier this season was discovered.

She bragged in the article about having sex multiple times per day, but she has since clarified that she does have sex when she is in love with someone.

"That podcast was about Asian women being empowered and speaking up about topics that most Asian women don’t talk about."

After several years as a glamour model, Shannon now makes her living by sharing her vulgar social media content.

She said in her promo video that she was a glamour model at the age of 18/19. I loved those days and I have nothing to be ashamed. Instagram/YouTube is my main platform. I have done some commercial modeling. I can also DJ.

Shannon admits that she is more interested in energy than looks when it come to finding a man. She insists that she will not be with anyone if they are the 'convenient choice'.

When asked if she is famous, she replied: "I have quite a few people who've been to my DMs... some of which I can't even tell." There are a few footballers.

Joyce's concerns stem from her grandson’s heartache in 2019 when he separated with Amy Gibson, his girlfriend of seven year, and she supported him through it.

The 75-year old has a strong bond with Brad. He has lived with her since she was a child and before his mother left when she started a new relationship.

Joyce believes that their relationship is closer to mother and son than to grandmother.

Brad stated in his promo video that he doesn't get enough attention. It happens that some lasses will look at me funny if I approach them, but this is not often. It doesn't always work.

"Last time that I had sex was at the end of 2019" Although people might think that I'm a great s******, I'm far from it.

"Everyone has a wrong impression of me. They assume I will take him at face value, and then they think "Oh, he's arrogant".

He seems to have many admirers outside of the contest, as a number of former contestants flood his promo post with witty comments, including Amber Gill and Anna Vakili.

Amber, the 2019 show's winner, wrote: "He's beautiful", while Anna Vakili, her co-star, wrote: "Too cuteee" in a cheeky profession.

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