Löwengrips miljonklipp on the sale of the company

the Buyer is Dermanordic – one of the largest distributors of skincare and make-up. Isabella Löwengrip is satisfied with the sale, and a little bit proud over

Löwengrips miljonklipp on the sale of the company

the Buyer is Dermanordic – one of the largest distributors of skincare and make-up.

Isabella Löwengrip is satisfied with the sale, and a little bit proud over the fact that it was a Norwegian company that wanted to buy the company. They feel, in the midst of all the other grief, which is a bit of a winner.

" For that to have been the influences of the half of my life and it is very nice to be able to show that it is possible to build a strong company based out of social media. To be a leading player as a Dermanordic to acquire Löwengrip is a clear indication that we have not developed a brand name with a product that can stand strong in the market. From the start, we've put a great deal of emphasis on product quality and the production in Sweden, which we will continue to do in the Dermanordic of ownership, " says Isabella Löwengrip.

< Penningregn of Löwengrip

How much the sales are not known. However, the deal does pure penningregnet of Löwengrip, with a number of million in the bank.

”the Purchase price, we don't want to go out with, but I'm going with this is to pause and have a quiet year,” she writes on her blog.

at Least as satisfied with the deal, which is the Current industry was the first one to write about, hälftenägaren Table Hadenius.

"We have to sell for a bigger family and to have a better base from which to grow in a larger company, which has worked for a long time in this industry," she says to Expressen.

When the Gp met with Isabella Löwengrip in november, she told me that all the focus would be on the Löwengrip Beauty, it was where her future lay.

the bolagshaveriet in the fall, was Löwengrip Beauty, and Löwengrip Invest, they are two of the main pillars of the empire. The Beauty, which is 50% owned by the company, the managing director of the Ping-pong Hadenius, was for a long time of the gold where the money is coming in.

suddenly there was the Löwengrip Invest is on the brink of a breakdown, business failure, the prognosis for the Löwengrip Beautys turnover was cut in half, and the group panikbromsade.

”Last year, there was Löwengrip Beauty, with a turnover of eur 84 million, and this year, we will have to go back to around the 40 to 50 million. There is an international focus, we lost at home and now I want to do, and to do the right thing. Scandinavia is our most important market”, says Isabella Löwengrip in your blog on October 4th of last year.

Isabella Löwengrip, and Ping-pong Hadenius does not go their separate ways after their joint venture company Löwengrip of Beauty are sold out.Photo by: < / b> press photo / press photo:
When everything is moved, in the autumn, with the US launch, and Isabella Löwengrips cancellation of the move to New York city in taiwan, she was a little bit later of a change of ownership could be carried out by Löwengrip Beauty.

the Company's president and ceo, Ping-pong table Hadenius and Isabella Löwengrip, had for several years been working together for, but now it was Isabella Löwengrip, the two would go their separate ways.

" I have asked you from the Table if I want to buy the company. I am in favour – it is, after all, my last name on the product, and it was my dream to drive it. I would love to do more of in my own way. However, we are not in port, with no decision yet, " said Isabella Löwengrip to the Swedish newspaper, svenska Dagbladet, 7 november.
At the stock exchange in Stockholm, sweden, together with a former boyfriend, fastighetsmiljardären Erik Selin.Photo by: < / b> - SVEN LINDWALL , Including Table tennis, Hadenius is selling,

since Then, there have been various rumours around a sale of the company. However, it is the first of the day, it is clear that neither Isabella Löwengrip, or a game of Table tennis Hadenius will be left with the owner. The two sold their shares to the Norwegian company Dermanordic, is one of the leading company of skin care and make-up. The company's employees are included in the sale.

Isabella Löwengrip the opinion that the company will have the best chance to grow with a new external owners of the capital. The name Löwengrip to be retained in the product.

Isabella Löwengrip, will, after the change of ownership has continued to be a Löwengrips the face, and the Table will be actively working in the company, including product development and brand management.

Henning Nielsen, chief executive officer of the Dermarnordic are happy with the deal, thanks to Isabella Löwengrip, and Pingnis Hadenius.

" I'm very impressed with what both of you have created on your own. The company Löwengrip Beauty ltd has never been in debt, and the growth rate is made without any external funding. Ping-pong table and queen Isabella started the business in 2013, and has been developed Löwengrip to be one of the most powerful brands in the hair and hudvårdskategorin in the region.

Dermarome is Dermanordics of the Swedish subsidiary. On their website, promoting the company as ”the leading hudvårdsleverantör, with more than 1,500 retailers across the country and a turnover of around sek 160 million. The company has 75 employees.

Löwengrip Beautys products are already available in the company's distributionssortiment, and the business has also enjoyed a close cooperation over the past year.

< Löwengrip Beauty, which has been the jewel in the crown of queen Isabella Löwengrips bolagsimperium.Photo by: < / b> Löwengrip Beauty / Löwengrip Beauty Löwengrips the numbers in question
It has been in a turmoil about Isabella Löwengrip, the last half of the year in which the failure of the shelved US laseringen the greatest impact. The staff has complained about the inhumane working conditions, the other of the companies, and questioned trafiksiffror on the blog.

Isabella Löwengrip, who, in their advertisements, claiming that she had the largest of the blog with 1.5 million readers, published, however, none of the figures. As a review, the Swedish newspaper Expressen did suggest that Isabella Löwengrip, in fact, about one-third of what she had stated, of about 400 000-500 000 unique visitors per month on his blog.

Isabella Löwengrip during the presentation, by 2019, the year of sommarvärdar of the P1's radio program "Sommar".Photo by: < / b>: HENRIK MONTGOMERY/TT / TT NEWS agency

on Monday, the 24th of June last year, was Isabella Löwengrip something similar to that at the peak of his career. At 13, the day of, she made her début as a Sommarvärd of the P1, and the program was supposed to be one of the starting point of the transition of to the united states, and a new career and Löwengrip Invest.

the target was set to be the world's most powerful person.

"For that to have been released to the public in the half of my life, so I thank you for myself and is on its way out over the Atlantic ocean, in order to establish myself in the united states," she said at the press conference.
All of the plans had to be cancelled
In the private sphere were also on the rise. She appeared with her new boyfriend, fastighetsmiljardären, Erik, Selin, 52, from Gothenburg, sweden. She confirmed the relationship in the context of a larger interview in the Express newspaper.

in the Autumn the plans were grand. But then came the fall, and the US, the launch had to be cancelled. Our belongings were left behind in Sweden.

At the beginning of the year, it was also clear that the kärleksrelationen with Erik and the Race was over.

" We were able to create a haven that is only ours. The relationship has, today, released into a friendship that surely will last a lifetime. With that being said, we are no longer a couple. However, I have found a great friend and I am grateful for the opportunity, and wrote to Isabella Löwengrip in his blog on the 12th of January.

< Löwengrip invest to increase sales
Isabella Löwengrip is plucked out of the 2.2 million in dividends, according to the most recent annual financial statements.

at the same time, more than doubling her company Löwengrip Invest, the net sales from 7.5 to 16.8 million.

the Result is stopped at 315 000.

in the Annual report of the Löwengrip Invest AB in respect of its financial year from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019, i.e., the time before the stock market crash of the fall.

in the summer, business went well, and Löwengrip Invest, the net sales increased by over 100 per cent to 16 866 000.

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