Matt Damon's teenage daughter is one his most critical

Matt Damon's teenager daughter won't watch any of his movies, he said.

Matt Damon's teenage daughter is one his most critical

The 50-year old actor, who is promoting "Stillwater", shared with us that his daughter Isabella, 15, refuses to watch "Good Will Hunting," because she believes he might be good in it.

Damon also said that she enjoys giving Damon crap about his career.

My daughter asked me, "Hey, remember the movie you made, "The Wall?" I replied, "The Great Wall ,"'"" He told "CBS Sunday Morning" She says, "Dad, that movie was not great."

  • "She keeps me on the ground.

    • Despite all the teasing Damon, who plays an Oklahoma oil worker whose daughter gets in trouble in France in his new film, is happy Isabella (and his other children) understands how passionate he feels about his work.

      Damon stated, "I like the fact that they know I love my job." They know that it is time-consuming and hard work, but it fills them up.

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