Mediaset España has updated its code of ethics to include an action protocol applicable to reality shows that involve isolation and group coexistence whose purpose is to “guarantee the health and well-being” of the contestants. Among them, it stands out that they will make medical and psychological assistance available to the contestants when they need it, offer them psychological support for up to two months after the end of the program and prevent them from being exposed to “any excessive” or “uncontrolled” risk.

The action protocol also introduces novelties regarding the selection of participants. Thus, in the new code of ethics, they establish that before starting the production of the program, the chain will have to establish a “general profile of possible contestants”, set age, physical or curricular requirements, and it will be Mediaset who will have to approve the final list of participants, being able to apply a veto if it considers it so for objective reasons. In addition, all contestants will have to previously pass a risk analysis that will include, at least, a medical examination (physical and psychological) and an investigation of their family, professional or social environment to rule out “aggressive or antisocial behaviors or chronic dependencies”. “All those applicants with an accredited history of violence of any kind in the five years prior to the process will be discarded,” they clarify. The producer will be responsible for carrying out the entire process.

In the update of the Mediaset code of ethics, it also includes prohibited and reprehensible behaviors on the part of the contestants. They will prohibit “with all the means at their disposal” behaviors susceptible to sexual abuse, bullying or discrimination, drug use or physical or verbal violence, among others, as they explain. They also undertake to have a human team divided into shifts that can continuously monitor the contestants to verify that the established regulations are complied with and will inform Mediaset “immediately” of any incident related to the regulations.

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