Mediaset The producer of Ana Rosa Quintana fires Marta Riesco after challenging Borja Prado

It was the chronicle of a death announced and this Monday the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, Unicorn Content, fired her

Mediaset The producer of Ana Rosa Quintana fires Marta Riesco after challenging Borja Prado

It was the chronicle of a death announced and this Monday the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, Unicorn Content, fired her. Marta Riesco is no longer part of the Unicorn programs nor of Mediaset.

As EL MUNDO has learned, this Monday Unicorn Content sent a burofax to Marta Riesco, editor of the producer and partner of Antonio David Flores, in which she was informed of her dismissal immediately. The producer has declined to make any statement in this regard.

Although the causes of said dismissal are unknown, the situation with Marta Riesco was increasingly untenable, as has been seen in her numerous posts on Instagram. A month ago, the producer of Ana Rosa Quintana removed Marta Riesco from direct programs such as Fiesta after one of the most unpleasant moments experienced in recent times on television.

After several weeks off, at the end of February Marta Riesco returned to her job as a reporter on the Fiesta program, produced by Unicorn Content, making one of the recordings for the program. In that recording there was a run-in with Cristina Porta, sent to the same coverage, but by the program Sálvame, produced by La Fábrica de la Tele. Both argued heatedly at the Las Ventas photocall at the San Isidro 2023 gala, turning Borja Prado, president of Mediaset España, into a Trending Topic on Twitter for several hours.

Marta Riesco lost her way in that connection, implicating Prado in the "harassment" that she denounced being suffering from other Mediaset programs, in particular Sálvame, and urging him to take action on the matter. Hours after that moment, Marta Riesco published several videos on her Instagram in which, far from appeasing the situation, she went further pointing out to the president of the "injustice" group that she was experiencing and urging him to stop said "harassment". ".

"We are teaching our children and adolescents not to give up against bullying. To denounce the abusers, tell their families. To the directors. Not to silence themselves. And now it is just what I do. Denounce it publicly and ask the president of My job is to do something while they rebuke me and what they do to me the next day is to separate me from my functions, not the abusers. That is the real example of what happens when we try to get justice," he said in one of those videos, in which he also reported that the doctor had discharged him due to anxiety.

Faced with this situation, the producer decided to set it aside until the storm subsided from the direct shows and leave it in the newsroom, a fact for which Marta Riesco also complained publicly. "They are killing my illusions and all the effort I have made for 15 years to be where I am. I'm not crazy, I just want them to let me work like I used to. I'm only a small number in a big company, but I've given everything for her", he sentenced in another video days later.

The consequences were not long in coming. After that encounter and the innumerable videos posted by the journalist attacking and accusing La Fábrica de Tele of "labour harassment", a fact that prohibits the new Code of Ethics promoted by the CEO Alessandro Salem, and the Mediaset management of not supporting it and allow it, the group included Marta Riesco among the 13 faces banned by Mediaset España. That is to say, no program on the chain can speak or show content from the editor, although she kept her job at Unicorn Content. In addition, she was informed that she would not continue doing broadcasts until further notice and that her work would be limited to editorial work.

It was not the first time that Telecinco had removed the journalist from the screen. It also happened to her when she worked at El Programa de Ana Rosa. At that time, Riesco maintained that the ex-wife of his partner, Rocío Carrasco, had called him on the phone to propose that they meet. However, Rocío Jurado's daughter denied that this happened and although The Ana Rosa Program asked Marta Riesco to present the evidence of that call, she never did.

Months later, Unicorn Content relocated her to Fiesta, the program hosted by Emma García, on the condition that she just do her job and not generate conflicts. For several weeks, indeed, Marta Riesco limited herself to doing her live shows without more than her, until the Las Ventas carpet arrived at the San Isidro 2023 gala and the confrontation with Cristina Porta took place.

In addition, during the time that Marta Riesco was on leave after the clash and, therefore, unable to carry out her editorial tasks, the journalist has continued to publish advertising content on her social networks. It is true that her contract with Unicorn Content did not include any clause by which Marta Riesco could not advertise on her social networks what she considered, but she was surprised that she continued doing promotions despite being on leave due to anxiety.

The war with Sálvame, with La Fábrica de la Tele and with Jorge Javier Vázquez has been going on for a long time. From practically Rocío's docuseries, telling the truth to stay alive, Marta Riesco, being the partner of Antonio David Flores, went from being an editor to becoming one more Mediaset character. And as a character, Sálvame treated her as such, causing several anxiety attacks by Marta Riesco and the subsequent publications on social networks urging "the managers" of Mediaset to stop what Riesco considers constant "harassment".

This weekend, in one of her latest posts on Instagram, the journalist transferred her latest health mishap to her fans and once again hinted that the treatment she is receiving is one of the causes of these problems: "Someday I will tell you everything I'm experiencing. It's all being very hard."

It happened in Ponferrada, where she had been sent by Unicorn Content to carry out a report. In the video, very nervous and non-stop crying, she thanked Luis Boya, a local journalist, and the cameraman who had accompanied her for the deal and, again, insisted that they let her work, pointing again to Mediaset: "I don't know what would I have been without them today. I just want them to let me work. Work. What have I done so badly? They are killing my illusions and all the effort I've made for fifteen years to be where I am. I'm not crazy, I just want them to let me work like I used to. I'm just a small number in a big company, but I've given my all for it."

"I have achieved everything as a reporter," she continued. "And now they are just forcing me to leave. I can't take it anymore" she sentenced for a while after sharing two images in which she showed that she was in the hospital.

The situation has become so untenable for both Mediaset and the production company that the decision to fire her has finally been decided, although sources familiar with the case assure that they are aware that there will be a forceful response from the journalist.

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