Meet Paul Weller's Household here

The rocker's series at the Barbican is on BBC Two on Saturday

Meet Paul Weller's Household here

Paul Weller is among the nation's most significant assets in regards to music. The Jam frontman, who's frequently known as"The Modfather" has enjoyed enormous success over the years using the favorite punk band in addition to a solo performer.

And today, fans of this Paul can appreciate his Barbican concert this weekend because the operation has been aired on BBC 2 on Saturday night.

However, what about his life apart from music? Paul Weller has rather a large family, and it has confronted ups and downs when it comes to appreciate. Meet with his family ...

Paul's first wife was Dee C. Lee, that had been a singer for his band The Style Council. On the other hand, the connection was not to continue and the couple divorced in 1997.

Paul's next connection was with make-up artist, Lucy Halperin, before going on to be with Samantha Stock along with a singer. He and Samantha have been a product for any number of decades, before parting ways in 2008.

Shortly afterwards, the rocker moved in with his then-girlfriend Hannah Andrews that was employed as a backing singer and toured with the group. Hannah and Paul tied the knot at Capri at 2010, and have been happily married ever since.

Paul Weller's kids

Throughout his first marriage, he welcomed Leah and Nathaniel from the late eighties and early nineties.

In a connection with makeup artist, Lucy, Paul welcomed his third child, a girl named Dylan. Paul then proceeded to set out on a relationship with Samantha, together with whom he welcomed daughter Jessie and son, Stevie.

In 2012, soon following his wed to his present wife, Hannah, the few were overjoyed to get twins, called John Paul and Bowie. Five decades after, the few then welcomed their third child together, and Paul's eighth overall, a girl named Nova.

In June, it had been shown in the Mail which Paul is now a grandfather for the very first time.

Date Of Update: 19 June 2021, 16:42

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