Megan Fox celebrates bisexuality 'for more than two decades' in Pride Post

Megan Fox celebrated Pride Month reminding her fans that she is a member the LGBTQIA+ community.

Megan Fox celebrates bisexuality 'for more than two decades' in Pride Post

"Putting the B in #LGBTQIA since over 20 years

"The actress, aged 35, posted on Instagram Saturday along with three selfies showing off her rainbow manicure.

She also added the hashtag #pride and tagged MoveOn. MoveOn is a progressive political-action committee as well as an inspirational me page called Into Action.

Many Fox fans commented on the star of "Jennifer's Body", praising her for being open about her sexuality.

One person wrote, "honey you made our realize the B in many of us,"

Another fan said, "lgbtq icon."

"BISEXUAL QUEEEN" was added by a third user.

Fox opened up first about her bisexuality in 2009. told Esquire that she had no doubt about being bisexual.

She said, "But, I'm also hypocrite: I wouldn't date a bisexual girl because they also sleep with men. Men are so dirty that it's impossible for me to sleep with a woman who has slept with a male."

Machine Gun Kelly is currently in a relationship with the "Transformers” star. After filming "Midnight in the Switchgrass", the couple went public about their relationship in summer 2020. They have been spending lots of time together ever since.

Fox is going through a divorce with Brian Austin Green. She has three children, Noah, 8 and Bodhi 7, as well as Journey, 4. The couple split 10 years after their marriage.

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