Megan Fox's children crashed her interview on 'Today

Megan Fox is not only a movie star but also a mom. During a pandemic, Megan has been trying to balance work and raising children.

Megan Fox's children crashed her interview on 'Today

Monday's "Today" viewers got to see it in action.

The actress appeared on the morning program to promote her horror film "Till Death." Her children made a brief appearance after she woke up.

Fox stated, "I'm here in the house we're staying at right now." "This is the living area, and they all fell asleep on a couch last night while watching a movie.

Her estranged husband Brian Austin Green, an actor, has two sons, Noah, 8 and Bodhi 7, while Journey, 4 is her. Journey was told by her that he had to crawl out of the shot during their interview.

Savannah Guthrie (Today) and Jenna Bush Hager (Today) spotted the blankets and pillows on the floor, just before one of her sons attempted to sneakily make his way into the background.

Fox stated that she wishes she could have her children back in the two- and three-year-old years because it's difficult to see them grow up so fast.

  • She said, "I really struggle with this a lot." She said that she cried about it every day. "My phone will send me photos of their younger years, which is hard to see. It is hard to love so deeply.

    "Till Death" is a comedy about a woman who is tied to her dead husband in a bizarre plot. It's out on Thursday.

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