Michael B. Jordan, actor apologizes for "J'Ouvert Rum" and will change the name

Nicki Minaj, who has 142 million Instagram followers and is gentle, pushed "Creed", the star of the show, to be called the marketing audible.

Michael B. Jordan, actor apologizes for "J'Ouvert Rum" and will change the name

Tuesday actor Michael B. Jordan apologised Tuesday that he named his new brand rum after a Caribbean festival. This led to accusations of cultural appropriation against "Creed" star.

His J'Ouvert Rum shares the same title to celebrate that has 18th century roots in Trinidad. This is because was colonized by French colonizers, who kept slaves in the sugar, coffee and cotton industries.

The 34-year-old star of Friday Night Lights said he was sorry for the backlash and that rum would be renamed.

"I just want to say on behalf myself and my partners that our intention was not to offend or harm a culture (we love/respect it & hoped for celebration & shine a light on it," the actor posted on Instagram Story late Tuesday night. "The last few days have been filled with listening, learning and engaging in many conversations.

He said, "We hear your voice. I am sorry for your disappointment and want to make it clear that we are currently in the process of changing our name. We are sorry and look forward to creating a brand that we all can be proud of.

The backlash against Nicki Minaj, a New York-born rapper and singer-songwriter from Trinidad, seemed to have been fueled by Nicki Minaj.

Jordan's message was six hours away when Minaj, who has 142 million Instagram followers, shared an extensive IG posting by Xaria Roxburgh of Trinidad. She explained the festival’s disturbing ties to slavery.

According to the "Starships" singer, Jordan didn't intend to offend anyone with Caribbean roots. She urged Jordan to change his name to "continue flourishing & prosper" now that he is aware.

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