Musicians Who Got A Late Start

Musicians Who Got A Late Start

Music is one of the most confusing yet fascinating things in life, this is mainly because of the fact that there are millions of musicians both known and unknown just like in sports betting sites. And while there are few lucky ones who managed to start their careers at young age, there are some who had a late break, but what counts is that it is some of their songs today that keep us going.

2 Chainz

Almost all millennials know 2 Chainz as he is one of the best musicians of his generation. However, what most don’t know is that before he became 2 Chainz, he used the stage name Tity Boi and he worked for years before he got his big break. It was only after he changed his name that he managed to get some fame. And at the age of 34, his career finally took off.

Rachel Platten

“Fight Song” is the song to listen to if you need a bit of a push and are feeling low. Platten was 34 when her song was released, and from there she has managed to make a name for herself.

Andrea Bocelli

The Italian’s musician voice is now one that is recognised internationally, and sure we night even have a few online casino games at sites such as that have his songs as the background for play. But Bocelli didn’t get his big break up until he was in his mid-thirties. At the age of 35, in 1994 that is when his career finally took off. And at the age of 41, his album Sacred Arias became of the most popular classical albums ever sold.

Sheryl Crow

Before Crow got her big break at the age of 31, she was an elementary school music teacher and created commercial jingles for McDonald and Toyota. At some point in her caterer she was even a backing vocalist for Michael Jackson. Her first album was recorded in 1992, but it was rejected by the label. Her first official debut album was Tuesday Night Music Club in 1993.

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