Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's Son Connor Debuts New Appearance in Unusual Selfie

Our eyes are wide open for Connor Cruise's latest transformation.

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise's Son Connor Debuts New Appearance in Unusual Selfie

The 26-year-old son of former Hollywood couple Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise submitted a rare summer-ready selfie for his Instagram Story on June 8. In the photograph, he sported a new haircut and for the caption, he jokingly wrote,"New face, who dis?"

The latest shift in look is a little different from the most recent images the enthusiastic fisherman has posted of himself while out and about. In fact, the previous photo the former celebrity shared that was a little far from adventure-related was back in March 2019.

Luckily for fans, over the past few months, the Red Morning star has given the world a much better look at the way he loves his personal time by posting photos of himself not only enjoying the craft of fishing, but also recently revealed he's generated another social networking account only focused on grilling food, also.

Connor isn't the sole younger team which keeps their social media presence to a minimum. His older sister, Isabella"Bella" Kidman Cruise, has stayed out of the spotlight and rarely posts photos of herself, with the exception of her latest selfie, which also surfaced a new look. She also joined Instagram back in 2018, but typically uses the platform to share her artwork and designs.

As fans of the well-known family may remember, Tom and Nicole, who tied the knot in 1989, embraced Bella (born in 1992) and Connor (born in 1995). The former couple ended their marriage in 2001.

That is hoping we'll see more of those celeb children in the near future.

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