On TikTok, Grimes Pitches Completely Automated Luxury Communism

The same as her spouse Elon Musk, Grimes appears to wish to save humankind from itself, through grand, badly fated thoughts that demand little more than sitting , and allowing the billionaires care of it.

On TikTok, Grimes Pitches Completely Automated Luxury Communism

Do not waste time considering all that astonishing wealth inequality, climate modification, or anything - artificial intelligence will swoop down and rescue ussomehow.

At a TikTok posted for her accounts on Wednesday together with the caption"A.I. is your quickest route to communism," the pop superstar provided her insight to the country of earth, and the boundless luxury of their future.

"So normally, the majority of the communists I understand aren't big fans of A.I," Grimes started. "However, if you consider it, then A.I. is in fact the quickest path to communism." She proceeded to describe,"Therefore, if implemented properly, A.I. could really theoretically solve for prosperity. Like, we can completely get to a situation in which no one has to operate; everyone is supplied to get a similar state of becoming, comfy living. A.I. can automate all of the farming, weed outside systematic corruption, thus bringing us as close as possible to real equality."

She concluded her suggestion by adding,"So essentially, everything that everyone loves about communism, but minus the collective farm. 'Cause, let us be true, enforced farming is actually not a vibe"

The most precise statement was the last sentence - imposed farming is really,"a vibe" An individual can not deny the"can not somebody else do it?

Thus, Twitter leftists jumped in the chance to clarify what Grimes misinterpreted.

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