One of the Most Iconic Hotels in Vegas

The first thing that welcomes the guests is the giant bronze lion figure. We are talking about the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino

One of the Most Iconic Hotels in Vegas

The first thing that welcomes the guests is the giant bronze lion figure. We are talking about the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino. This resort is located in one of the busiest areas in Las Vegas. The word "Grand" has a reason for such property.

About MGM Grand

MGM Grand takes each and every guest to a world of entertainment, dining and spa services of high quality. Thanks to a new remodelling, guests will enjoy more additions by having dinner at the newest restaurants, book a room or suite with a new and unique design or visit the nightclub. 

MGM Grand features 5,000 rooms and suits that are designed to provide comfort for every guest. There are also special "Stay Well" rooms that feature the best wellness experience. Apart from the stylish guest rooms and suites, there is also a conference centre, casino floor with all kind of games, a Grand Wedding Chapel, pool complex where both guests and visitors can use.

The entertainment options at the MGM Grand are abundant. To visit all the entertainment venues needs more than just two days. One of the must-visit performances is "The Cirque du Soleil KA" show which makes guests feel like they are watching the latest blockbuster. David Copperfield Theatre, Grand Gaden Arena and Brad Garrett's Comedy Club are found to amuse the majority of visitors.

Fans of the night-life are welcomed to visit the multiple-story Hakkasan Las Vegas, Whiskey Down, Lobby Bar, Beacher's Madhouse, Tap Sports Bar, Centrifuge and West Wing Bar. 


From all the Las Vegas hotels and casinos, the MGM grand has always been the most popular.

MGM Grand features a casino floor where you can definitely find your favourite casino game. The casino offers a wide variety of slots, table games, keno, poker, a room for racing and sports books. Its size is about 170,000 square foot, which it makes one of the largest casinos in the United States. Besides the wide variety of games, the most notably are the almost 200 table games. Along with these, the MGM Grand also houses 2,600 gaming machines, the most popular being the slots.

Players are welcome to play slot games, while enjoying the gripping atmosphere with some nice beverages at the gaming lounge that is known as Whiskey Down.

Race and Sports Book features a room with 104 seats, and currently there are 94 TVs and 44 big screens.


MGM Grand is recognised for offering a great variety of traditional and modern slot games. In order to go along with this variety, the MGM Grand features themed slot machines such as Addams Family, Elvis, Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune among many others. There is always a slot machine game that is comfortable for each of the guests and visitors. Players can pick up a slot with a theme that appeals to them and enjoy themselves. Apart from the traditional slots, MGM Grand features progressive slots as well.

Table Games

MGM grand offers a widespread of table games with different variations. You will find Blackjack where players compete against the dealer.

Craps is another table game that is available at MGM Grand. At first, it is considered complicated, but once you learn the "Pass" and "Don't Pass" moves, it is actually easy.

Baccarat fans will be delighted to know that their favourite game has a goal of defeating the banker.

MGM's casino floor offers the most popular variations of Roulette and speaking of Asian games, players will find Pai Gow Tiles and Pai Gow Poker. Pai Gow Tiles is a game that resembles domino, while Pai Gow Poker is a combination of American poker and the ancient Pai Gow.

Let it Ride Poker is a variation of the Five Card Stud, which is also available at MGM Grand. The Three Card poker is the most popular game. The rest of poker variations are Crazy 4 Poker and Texas Hold'em Poker.  

The MGM Grand Poker Room is considered the ultimate place for poker games and Texas Hold'em. Apart from the exciting games, players will find amenities such as table massage, relaxation, comfortable furniture, food and beverages and valet services. MGM Grand is a host to poker-related events.

People that want all from the same property, the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel in Las Vegas is the best choice. Guests and visitors can enjoy gambling, food and relaxation all in a single package.

Date Of Update: 04 October 2018, 08:07

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