Oscar 2022 nomination: The biggest snubs

With stars like Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio, the 94th Academy Award may have fallen short of their goals.

Oscar 2022 nomination: The biggest snubs

Tuesday morning, the Academy Awards nominations were made public but not all of Hollywood was eligible.

These are the five most infamous snubs.

1. Lady Gaga is the Best Actress in "House of Gucci".
Many bet the house that she would win the entire thing this year. She was the only actress to appear at all the traditional precursors. Her fate was sealed by the sluggish reception she received from "Gucci", which was shut out in all major categories. Gaga can rest easy knowing that she won an Oscar for Best Original Song for her song "Shallow" in 2018's A Star Is Born. Gaga might have to dig a little deeper in order to win the bookend trophy for her acting.

2. Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Actor in "Don't Look Up"
For his humorous portrayal of an astronomer, "The Revenant," 2015's Best Actor was eyeing a return to Oscars. As the film did well during the awards season, his chances of winning were good. It's not easy to get an acting nomination for comedy. His "Don't Look Up," co-stars and Oscar winners Meryl Streep (and Jennifer Lawrence) can all attest. DiCaprio might not be nominated for an Oscar today, but he is in good company.

3. Bradley Cooper, Best Actor in Nightmare Alley
He is a regular Academy member with four acting nominations in the last decade. He was not yet victorious, but he looked strong in his dream role in "Nightmare Alley," the latest feature by Guillermo del Toro (the Oscar-winning director of 2017’s "The Shape Of Water"). Cooper is able to make it work. Cooper also worked as a producer for "Nightmare," which won the Best Picture award. Cooper seems to love those silver linings.

4. Bradley Cooper, Best Supporting Actor in "Licorice Pizza"

This could be considered a bigger snub that his one for "Nightmare," since Cooper had already received a support actor citation from the Screen Actors Guild. Cooper was only given seven minutes of screen-time.
Cooper was undoubtedly the best in each second. "Licorice" had a wonderful morning. She was even recognized in the Best Picture.
Categories for Original Screenplay and Director. Cooper was perhaps a little too small for this "Pizza" original.

5. "Sing 2", for Best Animated Feature

The sequel to 2016's smash hit is a huge success. The sequel to the 2016 hit "Sing 2" was released just before Christmas and has enjoyed a steady rise to number ten at the US box office. It features an all-star cast that includes past Oscar nominees and winners Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon. The Academy didn't like the "Sing 2", a feel-good film. It's the same song every time.


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