Outer Banks stars talk about welcoming a new Pogue during the season 2 finale

You can also watch Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow and Madison Bailey unravel all the spoilers for the finale.

Outer Banks stars talk about welcoming a new Pogue during the season 2 finale

If the Pogues are currently accepting new members, where do we submit an application to join this tight-knit group of gold-hunting BFFs? We laugh, we joke (except that is not ). Outer Banks welcomed a new Pogue to the group at the end of season 2. The stars love what she brings to the table.

Outer Banks turned up the stakes in its second season, which is now streaming on Netflix. The episode ended with the Pogues on an island after they lost the Royal Merchant gold as well as the huge gold cross that Denmark Tanny left for his children -- including Pope (Jonathan Daviss). Ward (Charles Esten), and Rafe(Drew Starkey), who stole the loot. It might seem that John B (Chase Stokes), Sarah, Madison Bailey, Kiara (Madison Bailey), JJ(Rudy Pankow), or Pope would feel pretty defeated by this. But nope! They are alive and well, living together on an island, with Cleo (Carlacia grant) as their new member. This is not surprising considering how many times they nearly died (and did so once). This season.

Cleo first met John B and Sarah in Bahamas at the beginning of season 2. She became an ally to them and eventually reunited with them on the boat. This helped them escape Ward, Rafe, and nearly causing them to be cross. She's been with them since the beginning of season 2, and it's obvious that she's now part of the Pogues, ready for any adventure they embark on.

Bailey told EW that it would be an exciting dynamic to watch, as the Pogues are an abstract idea, and there is a wide range of people involved. "The Outer Banks Pogues are well established. It's going to be great to see how Pogues in other locations, and wow, do we have so many things in common. We are now meeting Pogues from all over the world, which is a great dynamic. International Pogues!

Stokes is thrilled to see Cleo's skills assist the Pogues on their treasure-hunting adventure. She has many resources that the Pogues can use. It's something many of us would love to do. He says it will be fascinating to see how it develops. "We don't really know her, and we've accepted her quite quickly in this group of five. So what's this new dynamic? How does this new chapter play into her past? She brings a lot to the table that I think throws them off. I think it's important for all Pogues to have someone who can help them get in their shoes and keep them there. "I'm excited."

Daviss enjoyed working with Grant, a new cast member. They especially loved filming their fight scene in season 2. He says that she brings a fire to the table and has a unique street knowledge because she is a character who was born in the Bahamas. She moves from one place to the next and exemplifies Pogue's life. You're eager to learn more about her past, her motivations and how you can relate to her. She joined the Pogues, adding to the dynamic, she fits that crazy, "I go headfirst, we're all here together" [attitude].

Pankow concurs, saying that Cleo has a great reputation and can be a leader for the Pogues. He says that Pogues are survivors and can survive on the Outer Banks. But Cleo, he adds, "Pogues survive anywhere." And I believe that street knowledge such as J.D. That flair that she has, the ability to say, "No, I know what to do in this situation," was what I was referring too. It gives her a lot of advantages [and] adds an interesting twist on the Pogues. She will, I feel like she is going to take control. That's where she sees herself going.

You can watch the video above to hear what the stars had to say about the season 2 finale cliffhangers.

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