Poaching and assault: Kusel policeman's killer again in court

Andreas S.

Poaching and assault: Kusel policeman's killer again in court

Andreas S., who was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of two police officers, has to appear in court again. He is accused of poaching and attempted grievous bodily harm. S. is said to have poached as early as 2017.

More than a year after the deadly shots at two police officers near Kusel in Rhineland-Palatinate, another trial against the convicted main perpetrator has begun before the district court in Neunkirchen, Saarland. The indictment accuses Andreas S., among other things, of poaching, attempted dangerous bodily harm and false suspicion from 2017.

He is said to have illegally shot a deer near Spiesen-Elversberg in September 2017. This act is said to have been observed by a witness who then allegedly opposed S.'s car on a dirt road.

In order to prevent his crime from being discovered, the 39-year-old drove up to the man. In doing so, he accepted the witness's serious injuries. A collision was only prevented by the man jumping to the side. S. is said to have reported these witnesses in December 2017 for defamation. In his complaint he stated that the witness had alleged untrue facts about him. S. is said to have known that the content of his ad was completely wrong. The court set a continuation date for March 2.

The district court of Kaiserslautern sentenced S. to life imprisonment in two counts of murder at the end of November. The court also established the particular gravity of the guilt, which practically rules out early release. In addition, the Criminal Court convicted S. of other offenses such as assaulting law enforcement officials and commercial poaching.

On January 31, 2022, the 39-year-old shot dead a policewoman and a policeman during a night traffic check on a country road to cover up his activities as a poacher. The court convicted Florian V., who was also accused, of aiding and abetting poaching, but refrained from punishing him because of his early contribution to the investigation of the crime. The act caused great horror. The verdict is not yet final, S. filed an appeal in December.