Premiere The final bell of Got Talent: "It is one of the strongest things I have experienced in all these years"

On stage, an acrobat places five skateboards on a raised roller in an area of ​​almost two meters

Premiere The final bell of Got Talent: "It is one of the strongest things I have experienced in all these years"

On stage, an acrobat places five skateboards on a raised roller in an area of ​​almost two meters. The music accompanies each of his movements, the cameras chase him, looking for the best shot, the audience holds its breath, white smoke fills the set. He jumps, keeps his balance, the applause sounds. It is one of the rehearsals of the edition of all editions of Got Talent, Got Talent: All-Stars, the final bell of the Telecinco program.

The list of talent on this show is endless. The most impressive talents in the entertainment world have passed through Got Talent. In its edition in Spain it is difficult to forget performances such as those of Cristina Ramos, who also triumphed in the British version, or Jordi Caps, the illusionist who won the last edition of the Spanish talent show. What if the best of the best from all over the world come together in a single Got Talent? We would have "the talent Olympics," says Risto Mejide.

And this is what Got Talent is: All-Stars, the program that only airs on NBC and that comes to Europe for the first time thanks to Fremantle, the production company, and Mediaset. "It is one of the strongest things, truly, one of the most impressive that I have experienced in all these years," says Edurne, who in this new edition sits again as a member of the jury together with Paula Echevarría, Risto Mejide and the big surprise of this special edition, the guest judge.

Got Talent-All-Stars is the first European edition of America's Got Talent: All-Stars, the spin-off of the original format that premiered in the US just a few months ago and has swept audiences. Because audiences is what Mediaset needs in full flight of viewers. Got Talent is perfect for the change that the audiovisual group and, especially, Telecinco, has launched. Got Talent is white, a program for all ages and, as Santi Millán explains, "to interest both 9-year-old children and 80-year-olds".

Mediaset knows this and has not hesitated to throw the house out the window to launch this very special edition: a 1,400-square-meter set recreating a monumental theatre, the best artists who have gone through all the international editions of Got Talent and the incorporation artists like Fernando Tejero, Luis Zahera or TheGregf in the role of judges. "Having this edition is a tremendous luxury," says Edurne, while Santi Millán insists that "I don't need to sell you the fish because the fish is sold."

That "fish" that the Got Talent presenter is talking about is none other than bringing home the men and women with the most incredible abilities in the world. "We go to Madrid to see a show that is very good and we pay for it, we travel; we go to Las Vegas or Dubai because there is a guy who does something incredible. We bring him to the dining room of each house. If people He doesn't value that, it seems good to me, but it's a mistake because whoever misses Got Talent: All-Stars is going to regret it," he says.

Although Risto Mejide decided to stand up to the press during the presentation of the program, he gave the most lethal judge of Got Talent time to point out that in his 17 years as a jury on different television programs he has met "many times with people who said that the Americans do it better, because this edition is dedicated to all those people".

I have met many times with people who said that the Americans do it better, because this edition is dedicated to all those people

Spanish talent is not only who gets on stage but who manages to carry out a monster like Got Talent: All-Stars. It is not only looking for the best talents in the world, the winners, the finalists, but also that they want to come and that they want to participate, that they feel comfortable, that they are interested in participating in Spain and that what is offered to the viewer is not more of the same.

"Being able to balance the agendas of the type of talent that in other countries such as Siberia, the USA, New Zealand, among many other countries is very complicated," explains Nathalie García, CEO of Fremantle, but they have succeeded.

Mediaset's big bet is to bring one of the four artists who have won two versions of Got Talent in history, the magician Eric Chein; several finalists and semifinalists on America's Got Talent and other editions, such as Tom Ball, the singer Simon Cowell described in the American All-Star as "the best of the entire series"; or to artists who did not manage to win Gold Passes or wins, but became the most viral of the moment with more than 300 million views. Think Ember Trio.

In this all-star of talents, each audition will have 12 performances from different artistic disciplines, but only two of them will go to the final: one for a Golden Pass from the invited judge and the other chosen by one of the judges among the three most voted by the audience on the set. In the grand final, 12 artists will compete and only the public will be able to determine who is the winner of all the winners.

It will not be easy. As Paula Echevarría reveals in this edition, they have found what they had never seen before or could have imagined. "I couldn't believe it," she says about one of the performances that most impacted the Got Talent: All-Star jury, and that "I haven't seen it staged yet."

He is referring to JD Anderson, the man nicknamed Iceman who caused a great controversy around the British edition of Got Talent after he ended up bleeding when he smashed a huge block of ice with his head. "I want to see it in slow motion because I wasn't able to see everything live. It's impressive. A brutality," Edurne says. Question of talent?

"Fear is there, fear is an intrinsic part of life and it is something that annoys us very often, but if you know how to manage it it can be very positive. There are nerves, of course, but you have to enjoy it to the fullest," concludes Santi Millán .

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