Ryan's World: How one kid from Hawaii became a YouTube billionaire

The Kaji family from Honolulu, Hawaii, is enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

Ryan's World: How one kid from Hawaii became a YouTube billionaire

They are having fun, playing a game and recording it on their mom's cell phone. What's unusual is that they send their finished video to a Houston production team, who will edit it and package it in a multimillion-dollar kid's entertainment empire called "Ryan's World." Their YouTube content is viewed by billions every month.

The Kajis also have a Nickelodeon TV show, "Ryan's Mystery Playdate," as well as licensed toys. All of this generating over $25 million per year. This makes the Kajis one of YouTube's most successful earners.

It all began with Ryan, who was three years old. Ryan's mom Loann Kaji said that she didn't think much of the video when it was first posted. "And I tried sharing it with my friends, 'cause we both have a lot family members outside the U.S."

Luke Burbank, Correspondent, asked Ryan's father Shion why these videos were so popular.

He said, "I believe authenticity is definitely the top factor," adding that he was primarily motivated by the fact that he films at home and doesn't need a script line-by-line.

Soon, Shion, Loann and their respective day-jobs were overthrown to launch a YouTube family business. This eventually led to Kerry Tucker, chief market officer at Pocket Watch. It is a kind of old-school Hollywood studio for a new-school type of content.

Tucker stated, "We take the biggest YouTube stars and make them global franchises." "This Generation Alpha, the Generation Alpha, knows only a world that is connected to YouTube and mobile devices. Pocket Watch is determined to be wherever the children are, that's how we see it.

Tucker helped to inflate Kajis' brand literally - from Macy's Day Parade through toy aisles all over.

It might seem that a child with his own toys and more viewers than most TV channels might be able to let his imagination run wild. Ryan is not like many other 10-year-olds. He wanted to talk about video games that he enjoys.

Burbank asked him: "So, you're big, like Roblox, Minecraft guy?"


"Does anyone have any tips for me as a broadcaster on how to get more people to see the content that I'm creating?"

Ryan responded, "I guess - Hmmm, I think it's best to just keep at it and see how it goes," Ryan said. "And maybe it will blow up. YouTube is sort of luck.

"Partially luck? What does that mean?

"'Cause people have to find your videos. He said that it then gets on a lot people's recommended and other stuff.

Burbank asked Burbank, "Would it be possible to recommend my show on one your videos? We would appreciate it."

"Maybe. "Maybe.

It's called "CBS Sunday Morning." "CBS Sunday Morning" is a name you can incorporate into your video.

"Maybe!" Ryan said.

"Okay. "Okay.

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