Sad mess in Bavaria: Brazen thief steals Christmas presents

Lovingly wrapped gifts attract thieves across the country.

Sad mess in Bavaria: Brazen thief steals Christmas presents

Lovingly wrapped gifts attract thieves across the country. In Bavaria, a mother only briefly leaves her presents in the hallway. In Leipzig, unknown persons spy on the code of a locker, in Görlitz the police are in a chase with perpetrators.

There could be sad faces on Christmas Eve in a family in the Bavarian community of Bodenwöhr. On Friday morning, the mother had placed the already wrapped Christmas presents for the two children and the husband in the corridor in front of her attic apartment in the apartment building and was busy with the final preparations for the festival. A stranger boldly stole the gifts intended for the family. He only left a few unwieldy packages, a police spokesman reported on Christmas Eve. There was no trace of the thief on Christmas Day either.

"It hurts the family a lot, where do you get presents from now?" Said the police spokesman. The theft also hit the family financially. "It is unusual for us in the country that something like this happens," said the spokesman, who was also personally touched by the case.

In northern Saxony, gift thieves struck a few days before the festival: strangers stole Christmas presents from a young woman in a shopping center in Torgau. As the police in Leipzig announced on Tuesday, they had placed the purchased gifts in a locker because they still wanted to run errands. She was obviously observed when she entered the code for the locker. Because when she returned after about half an hour, the compartment was open and the presents were gone. Damage in a lower three-digit amount is said to have occurred. The police are investigating a particularly serious case of theft.

A Saxon police patrol from the Zittau/Oberland district pursued a suspected burglar on Friday evening. A woman had caught the stranger trying to break into her apartment. The man fled in his car across the Czech border. According to the police report, the Czech police took over the pursuit there. In the trunk of the getaway vehicle, the investigators later found lovingly wrapped Christmas presents that a 52-year-old in Oybin, Saxony, had previously reported as stolen. The gifts, worth 940 euros, were stolen from his trunk. However, the victims would have to be patient for a few more days with the presents, the Görlitz police department said.