Shaq's "Fun House" draws a large crowd, with Lil Wayne as the headlining act

Shaquille O’Neal hosted one huge party but had two experiences.

Shaq's "Fun House" draws a large crowd, with Lil Wayne as the headlining act


O'Neal hosted "Shaq's Fun House", a carnival-themed event, in downtown Los Angeles on Friday night ahead of the Super Bowl. O'Neal, who is a self-proclaimed "best party thrower", lived up to his reputation with an outdoor area that featured several attractions, including an 80-foot slide and a human claw machine. There was also a premium open bar, food, bumper cars, and a Ferris wheel.

O'Neal, who moonlights in the role of a DJ Diesel, was one of the featured performers. Other notables included Lil Wayne and Zedd, Diplo, and Myles, the NBA legend's child. Myles spun many records in front a lively crowd. Many popular athletes and entertainers were present at the event, including Brandon Marshall, Torey Lanez, and Floyd Mayweather.

The event took place at Expo Hall and Shrine Auditorium, in the same city that O'Neal helped Los Angeles Lakers win three consecutive championships.

O'Neal shouted, "I love L.A. Let’s (expletive] go!" O'Neal stood behind a soundboard and played Queen's "We Are the Champions" as a tribute to the champions he delivered to the city. He then played electronic dance music and then incorporated several big records like Future's “Way 2 Sexy,” DMX's “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” along with Jack Harlow's „Industry Baby“ and Lil Nas X.
The multi-hour event was closed by Lil Wayne performing his greatest hits. The hour-long set, which concluded at 2 AM PT, featured classics like "A Milli", "Go DJ," 6 foot 7" and even "Lollipop".

Wayne thanked O'Neal and asked for his support. He then asked the crowd to vote for their Super Bowl favorites, with the Los Angeles Rams winning the most votes.

O'Neal stated that he wanted to make more noise with "Fun House" over the other parties in the area, especially since the event was held in person last year after it was virtually cancelled due to COVID-19 concerns.

Tickets for the event were $400 each and included unlimited food and beverages from Los Angeles staples Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles and Pink’s Hot Dogs.

He said, "All the other parties you just come, and you stand around shaking hands," on the red carpet. You go, "Hey Tom. Hey Bob. Hey Jamal." This party has rides, top restaurants, and a Ferris wheel. This stuff was expensive.

It was definitely worth the investment.

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