Slots Laws & Changes in 2020

As players it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the different laws and changes which affect slots

Slots Laws & Changes in 2020

As players it can sometimes be difficult to keep up with the different laws and changes which affect slots. In recent years, various regulatory bodies have made several alterations to some long-standing laws of King casino slot games.

Though these changes aren’t usually drastic, they can be noticeable to some players. The age limit for gambling is an example of a law that can be confusing for slot players as it can vary massively.

In most European countries the minimum age to be able to gamble is either eighteen or twenty-one, however, in the UK the age can be either 18 or 16 depending on what activity you are undertaking. On slots, the age is twenty-one but with things such as scratch cards and lotteries the minimum age is lowered to sixteen.

For younger players, this can get a little confusing to follow.

Gambling Commission

The gambling commission is the most important regulatory body, not just with slots but the whole casino game community. It is through this commission that gambling establishments, both in-person and online, get their licenses and are allowed to host games such as slots for players.

The gambling commission was created in 2007 as a by-product of the introduction of the gambling act which came into force two years earlier. The gambling commission came into full power in 2009 and has been ensuring that casinos and slots follow the rules ever since.

The gambling commission is supremely powerful, as well as having the power to grant a gambling license they can just as easily revoke it if establishments break the rules. Other penalties include fines and even the removal of advertisements.

Slots Regulation

For slots, even though they are incredibly common in today's world, they still require a license in order to operate. This license helps to ensure that the slot doesn’t work against the gambler, it makes sure that these slots aren’t rigged against players and prominently displays the RTP and odds of the slot. They are also tested at random times by the Gambling Commission.

Future Changes?

In the future, players can expect to see even more regulations and limitations placed on slots, particularly in regards to how they advertise themselves to consumers. Although these changes will not impact the actual gameplay of the slots, they could affect how you consume them.

One major change being discussed by parliament is the complete removal of advertising for slot games, this is because many slot adverts accidentally appeal to under age children due to their use of bright colours, welcoming characters and seemingly simple and innocent gameplay.

There were many stories of children downloading a certain Rainbow Riches slot because of the way it was advertised. The advertisements for this slot were subsequently pulled down and Rainbow Riches were fined by the gambling commission.

Final Thoughts

Slots are regulated heavily, although players may not realise it at first. There has been a recent push for limits on slot advertisements as well as discouraging slot addiction.

Updated Date: 13 April 2021, 05:54

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