Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran release a duet called 'The Joker & The Queen'. The video will bring back memories

Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift continue the love story that began with their first collaboration track "Everything Has Changed" by releasing a new duet called "The Joker & The Queen."

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran release a duet called 'The Joker & The Queen'. The video will bring back memories

Sheeran released the first solo version of "The Joker and The Queen", in October 2021, as part of his fifth studio album .

Swift's friend and singer/songwriter from Britain has recorded the latest version of his romantic ballad. It dropped Thursday night.

The accompanying video music was also released simultaneously on YouTube. It reunites the child actors who look a lot like the ones featured in "Everything Has Changed" back at 2012.

As Jack and Ava, their elementary school sweethearts, are reintroduced to them 10 years later, fans are filled with nostalgia. They are all now adults and have gone to college. However, they bear an eerie resemblance with Swift and Sheeran.

Sheeran revealed the track to his 37 million Instagram followers, "Me and Taylor first met in 2012 and wrote + recorded our first song together. It was ten years ago. I am so grateful to have her on this song."

"She is not only the best singer/songwriter, but she is also a close friend. I am very fortunate to have her in mine.

"For the music video, we got the children from our song Everything has Changed, all grown-up and off to college now!"

Swift posted the clip to her Instagram stories with the caption "Congratulations @teddyphotos!" This video made me think about our friendship over the years... I also couldn't believe Jack & Ava, from the Everything Has Changed videos, came back to do this! It's like stepping back in time!

The fourth collaboration between the two is "The Joker & the Queen". They follow "Everything Has Changed" by "End Game" and "Run (Taylor's Version)," both from Swift's 2021 reissue of her "Red."

Sheeran won the Songwriter of the year award at the 2022 Brits on Tuesday night. He also performed solo "The Joker and The Queen" and a special version of his single "Bad Habits", which he performed with Bring Me the Horizon.

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