"Tears of Joy": Mj Rodriguez is the first trans performer to be nominated for Emmy lead drama

Hollywood has always struggled to find diversity. The Television Academy has made significant progress with the Emmy nominations for this year.

"Tears of Joy": Mj Rodriguez is the first trans performer to be nominated for Emmy lead drama

Rodriguez stated to the Associated Press that he felt "represented" and "seen". "And I felt more accepted than ever before." It felt like my colleagues and acting colleagues saw me. People who surround themselves with the arts also saw me. I was able to feel that I am loved by my craft and my art.

Rodriguez, 30 years old, spoke on Zoom Tuesday, from Cannes, France where she was attending the film festival. It was a long night. She couldn't sleep because of the anticipation. She said, "I had a lot in my head." "I was awake until 8 in the morning."

"My mom (and) my godmother were sitting at the table when the news arrived. When my name was announced, I cried and broke. My mom grabbed me. I felt like she was throwing me around. I gave her a hug. I was able to move a bit, and she swung my arms around. I can just recall falling in love with my boyfriend and crying. I felt joy and happiness.

"Rodriguez's Emmy nomination as outstanding lead actress in drama series is a breakthrough in Hollywood for transgender women and a long-overdue recognition of her remarkable performance over the past three seasons,'" GLAAD President & CEO Sarah Kate Ellis stated in a statement.

Rodriguez was nominated because the Television Academy has relaxed its gender rules for trophies. e" href="https://www.usatoday.com/story/entertainment/tv/2021/06/22/emmys-2021-television-academy-loosens-gender-rules-actor-actress/5302507001/">gender-neutral term "performer" instead.|Stars up for trophies can choose to forego the "actor" or "actress" titles. Instead, they can request nomination certificates. Emmy statues will use the gender neutral term "performer"instead.}

Are we seeing the end of "best actor" or "best actress" television programs? It could be. This change is occurring amid calls for award bodies to keep up with the times, as more people identify with nonbinary gender identities.

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