Telecinco Fin de Sálvame: what will become of Belén Esteban, the Kikos, Terelu or María Patiño?

One month and 8 days remain for Sálvame to say goodbye forever

Telecinco Fin de Sálvame: what will become of Belén Esteban, the Kikos, Terelu or María Patiño?

One month and 8 days remain for Sálvame to say goodbye forever. As EL MUNDO published exclusively this Friday and Mediaset confirmed today, June 16 will be the last program of what has been the great leader of the afternoons.

Ana Rosa Quintana will be in charge of the afternoons of the main Mediaset channel from September 16 and from June 16 it will be Sandra Barneda, until the arrival of the queen of the morning, who will replace Sálvame with a daily program of Monday to Friday that he is already preparing in collaboration with Cuarzo Producciones.

Little is known about the Ana Rosa Quintana and Sandra Barneda programs, neither format, collaborators nor content. What there is no turning back from is that Sálvame will no longer exist. And your collaborators? Last Friday, the news of the end of Sálvame reached the La Fábrica de la Tele team live. No one has officially ruled on it. Only on Friday Deluxe, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Kiko Hernández and Lydia Lozano released the occasional joke about the cancellation of the program.

Save me has been his collaborators. Although it was born with a different format idea, immediately the life of Belén Esteban, Kiko Hernández, Lydia Lozano, Kiko Matamoros, the late Mila Ximénez and practically everyone who participated became the essence of the program. Their fights, their cries, their sufferings, their joys. They were essential to the program and the program to them.

These almost 40 days until the end of his program will probably be one of the toughest in his television career. What will the closure of Sálvame mean for them? What will your future be? Will they have a place in Mediaset? At the moment Jorge Javier Vázquez has a contract until 2025 with Mediaset. In addition, as this newspaper has learned, he is an "essential" element for the audiovisual group. He is the presenter of Survivors and all the reality shows in the house after the departure of Mercedes Milá. That is going to continue.

The problem is the others. Belén Esteban already confirmed in an interview with this newspaper that the day Sálvame finished, her television career would end. Like all of them, Belén Esteban has not spoken after the news, but she will surely stay away from television for a while or indefinitely.

Right now there are no projects on the network that fit with it, although it is known that La Fábrica de la Tele, with which Belén Esteban renewed her contract two months ago, continues to be a clear bet for Mediaset. Although Save Me does not continue, La Fábrica de la Tele has other programs in the group and the group, as EL MUNDO has learned, intends to seek new projects for the production company in which it is 33% owned.

Another of the permanent collaborators who will probably move away from television for the moment is Kiko Hernández. Although he has been linked to Sálvame practically since its birth, in recent times the collaborator has wanted to make his way in other disciplines, such as the world of acting. With the cancellation of Sálvame, Kiko Hernández could focus on the theater, although he could also dedicate himself to other things.

It is one of the collaborators who has best managed the money earned as a Sálvame collaborator with investments that have turned out quite well. His contract is only with La Fábrica de la Tele, so he has no other job options, such as Kiko Matamoros.

Kiko Matamoros, also another of the veterans, has been able to divide himself into different production companies, in addition to La Fábrica de la Tele and his participation in Sálvame, he is a collaborator of La isla de las tentaciones, produced by Cuarzo Producciones, and Survivientes, produced by Bulldog . And there he will continue to have his place as long as he wants it.

His future employment is also assured, María Patiño. The journalist, in addition to having been the presenter of Sálvame in recent years, is also the host of Socialité, also of La Fábrica de la Tele.

The program before the after-dinner meal on the weekends will continue and, therefore, María Patiño will continue to be linked to Mediaset. In addition, in future Mediaset programs she could also have a place, since María Patiño is one of the journalists from the heart who came from Antena 3 to Sálvame, with which she knows perfectly what it is to recycle.

In the same situation, although without her own program is Gema López, another of the editors who led the universe of Antena 3 and could be one of the collaborators of future projects of the chain. In addition, in 2023 she created her own company related to the world of fashion that she promotes to the fullest on her social networks and on which she could focus after the end of Sálvame.

The one who is not so clear is Chelo García Cortés. The collaborator has already made her dalliances in the competition with the documentary on Bárbara Rey and some collaborations on RTVE, with which she could make the leap to another channel and other programs.

What will happen to Lydia Lozano?

And Lydia Lozano? If there is a characteristic collaborator of the Sálvame world, that is, along with Belén Esteban and after the death of Mila Ximénez, Lydia Lozano. In Sálvame she has laughed, she has cried, she has made the croquette, she has fled, she has lived moments of great tension, she has suffered and she has enjoyed like no one else. In addition, since the birth of Sálvame, the entire professional world of Lydia Lozano, with the exception of her articles in gossip magazines, has been the program.

However, at 62, she is the least known of all the collaborators about her professional future, except when she revealed a few months ago that she had received an important television offer. Lydia Lozano is supported by her whole life collaborating with gatherings in heart programs.

Terelu Campos for his part is a value of Spanish television. Before Sálvame he presented several programs and historical was his appearance in the second season of Mask Singer. In addition, it is rumored that she could be one of the new collaborators of the program that Sandra Barneda will host this summer, replacing Sálvame.

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