Telecinco Jorge Javier Vázquez pronounces on his loss: "For now I can only say goodbye"

At the end of May the alarms went off in Mediaset

Telecinco Jorge Javier Vázquez pronounces on his loss: "For now I can only say goodbye"

At the end of May the alarms went off in Mediaset. Jorge Javier Vázquez was not at the Survivors gala every Thursday and viewers began to wonder why he was absent.

Only a few days later we learned that the popular Telecinco presenter caused "temporary leave due to medical prescription."

After days of speculation about whether Jorge Javier's health had really suffered or if it was all due to a strategy related to the end of Sálvame, he himself has spoken on his social networks.

In a message published this Saturday, Jorge Javier has confessed that his body asked him for a break. "Sometimes you have to stop. The body and mind send you signals and throughout my life I have been little to pay attention to them. Until today. I need to stop to take care of myself. To ask myself what I want. If I have it clear. Yes of course not I know better I hope, he wrote in a tweet just after thanking the large number of expressions of affection received.

"Right now, going back is the last thing on my mind, although it may be what I feel like the most tomorrow. I don't know. So for now I can only say 'Goodbye'. 'Until when I can'. 'Until arises". And, above all, thank you. Thanks to you, it was worth it", he has settled.

Jorge Javier Vázquez suffered a stroke in March 2019 that kept him away from the cameras for several weeks. In his last book Before Oblivion, the presenter recounted what that health problem meant for him. It was in a Deluxe where Jorge Javier told how it happened, says Esther Mucientes.

The presenter explained that it was night and that he was enjoying a party in a nightclub in Marrakech in the company of some friends. There he began to feel that something was not right and decided to go out and get some fresh air. Helped by his friends, Jorge Javier Vázquez managed to get out of the nightclub and immediately lost consciousness for three or four minutes.

Upon coming to, the presenter Jorge Javier decided to go back into the disco: "I thought it was dizzy because I was drunk, I didn't think I was having a stroke," he said. When he returned to Madrid he returned with severe headaches and ended up going to the doctor where he had an emergency operation after several hospitalizations.

Jorge Javier also suffers from sleep apnea in a "severe" state, for which he has to sleep connected to an oxygen "machine" (CPAP), as he recently revealed on his Lecturas blog.

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