Telecinco Raúl Prieto, former director of Sálvame, leaves Mediaset after more than 20 years

If there has been a director linked to Mediaset forever, that has been Raúl Prieto

Telecinco Raúl Prieto, former director of Sálvame, leaves Mediaset after more than 20 years

If there has been a director linked to Mediaset forever, that has been Raúl Prieto. Director of Sálvame, Viva la vida, Pesadilla en el paraíso or the debates on La isla de las tentaciones, he has decided to dissociate himself from the audiovisual group after 20 years.

As Prieto himself has advanced to Vertele, he has made the decision to "open new professional paths." Mediaset sources have confirmed his departure to EL MUNDO, but they assure that the departure has occurred on the best terms and that both Prieto and the chain hope to have projects together again in the future. "The relationship continues to be excellent and we hope to maintain new collaborations in the future," they say from the group.

"He wanted to do different things and he considered that the time had come since now there was no project in mind for him," they explain. "The start was quite good vibes, he wanted to try other things. It was a very good start for both parties", he concludes.

Three years ago and after being one of the most prolific directors of La Fábrica de la Tele, Raúl Prieto signed a long-term contract with Mediaset after financial disagreements between the channel and the production company for which Prieto worked at the time, Cuarzo TV. A contract through which, in addition, he became part of the executive management, although his work was always linked to the creation and direction of new programs.

The legendary director, father of many of the most successful programs from Paolo Vasile's time as CEO of Mediaset, began in the audiovisual world with Canal Sur. His landing at Mediaset would not take long to take place and with one of Telecinco's television milestones, Here there is no tomato. With the end of the program presented by Jorge Javier Vázquez and Carmen alcayde, Raúl Prieto, together with La Fábrica de la Tele, would create Sálvame, the longest-running program on television afternoons.

And it was from this journey that both he and David Valldeperas, the other director, became the best-known television directors on the small screen. There was no afternoon in which either of the two did not appear on the screen or even did not participate in some of the blocks of the program or some of the information. They also became characters of the heart at some point.

For 10 years of the 14 that the program will now celebrate in April, Raúl Prieto was its director, but a disagreement with Jorge Javier Vázquez, who went from being a close friend to an 'enemy', caused the director to dissociate himself from Sálvame in 2017, abandon La Fábrica de la Tele, and signed for the then producer of Ana Rosa Quintana, Cuarzo TV, to lead Viva la vida, the Telecinco weekend afternoon program that at that time already had Emma García as presenter .

The objective of the chain was for Raúl Prieto to lift the hearings of an afternoon in which Telecinco had lost more and more strength. He got it. Three years later, disagreements between Mediaset and the production company at the expense of The Island of Temptations, produced in its first two editions by Cuarzo, triggered the group to launch an ordeal offering the production company's probably most prolific director an editing contract in the group. audiovisual with responsibilities also in the executive direction.

Raúl Prieto accepted it and from then on came the debates on The Island of Temptations, but also some failures like A Nightmare in Paradise, the reality show with the worst audience in the history of Telecinco.

With the arrival of the new leadership of Mediaset and the changes introduced by Alessandro Salem, the new CEO, the departure of Raúl Prieto adds to what is already called the Telecinco revolution. At the moment it is unknown what are these new projects and "new paths" that the director wants to undertake, but it is clear that for the moment they will no longer be with Mediaset.

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