Telecinco The 'mamporro' of Ana Rosa Quintana's nephew to his aunt for the TardeAR hearings: "What a week to lose..."

In TardeAR a star has been born

Telecinco The 'mamporro' of Ana Rosa Quintana's nephew to his aunt for the TardeAR hearings: "What a week to lose..."

In TardeAR a star has been born. His name is Kike and he is the nephew of Ana Rosa Quintana. His role in the program is to discuss current affairs with his aunt from the so-called Fila Zero with irony, sarcasm and a satirical tone that is winning over the audience every day.

Kike's hook is that he doesn't keep quiet about anything. Nor with his aunt, whom he has already bullied several times since the program premiered, especially by the program's audiences. Ana Rosa Quintana takes it with humor because with Kike it is impossible to take it any other way.

This Wednesday it happened again. As his aunt sat next to him and introduced him, Kike gave him the first taunt, and it would not be the last: "Don't say good morning to me again, you've already said it twice before, say good afternoon this time." .

He is the son of Enrique Quintana Hortal, Ana Rosa's only brother, seven years older than her, who, judging by the journalist's words on more than one occasion, is a fundamental pillar in her life. "My mother, my brother and I tell each other many times that we love each other, we have to express it. For me, family is very important."

And after the first, it was the turn of "This one isn't going to come out anymore," her aunt immediately responded, laughing at her and at Xelo herself.

"I have come to uncover dirty laundry," Kike warned him. "Were you afraid of the interview with Cayetano?" she asked his aunt. "No," answered Ana Rosa Quintana. "Then why did you put on the Gladiator armor? When I saw you waiting for him, I thought you were going to tell him that you were the commander of the Phoenix forces," she told him without flinching.

He wasn't going to stop there, of course: "I thought that when I told you that he felt different, you were going to say the same thing. You were like two Marvel heroes," he blurted out, drawing laughter from the entire audience.

That is Kike's job, to laugh at the program and have the entire audience and the entire team laugh with him. And it is working because what for many would be a drama, Kike gives it the necessary sarcasm. What would life be without humor?

In this way, he criticizes what is being seen on the program, in front of his aunt and without cutting a single hair: "You are playing at being God with the Artificial Intelligence thing. The screaming thing was... I saw Laura Madrueño who looked into infinity saying 'please someone shoot me'.

However, the most commented phrase came at the end of his speech, when aunt and nephew commented that they had a family reunion last weekend: "I beat you at petanque," Kike reminded him. "There were more of us and I came second," she said. "In one, in another you came last. It's what a losing week you've had," she said, referring to the audience data that hasn't completely recovered. "Not always, eh," Ana Rosa Quintana answered as she stood up.

It was not the first time that Kike has made reference and sniped at his aunt regarding the program's audiences. Last week Ana Rosa Quintana wanted to know what her nephew's opinion was about the first programs.

"Is today's program to your liking? Is there anything that needs to be changed?" Ana Rosa told him. "For me, first of all one thing. On Rosa Conde's Skype in Miami she said: 'Many congratulations on yesterday's audience data.' This chick is a slut," commented Kike, laughing. "But we did well," the journalist added. "Man..." said her nephew, being aware of the debut they made. "We could have gone better," the TardeAR presenter then corrected. "Enough, but not enough to congratulate," declared the nephew.