Telecinco broadcast a new installment of Sálvame on Tuesday, April 4. Belén Esteban starred in a tense confrontation with Carmen Borrego, since her husband insulted the tertualian and the program brought it to light.

In a previous installment, Borrego received a message from her husband insulting Esteban live. “Carmen, in full effervescence of the program, receives a message from her husband, José Carlos, on the mobile that says ‘tell such that she is an HDP’. That person was in the program,” explained Jorge Javier Vázquez. “It is a private message that my husband sends me, therefore, I am not going to talk about it. If a private message has been taken from me, I am not going to talk about it under any circumstances,” Carmen brandished, but Belén already knew that he was referring to her.

“I’m telling you now, that they have confirmed it to me. That message is ‘tell Belén Esteban that she is a daughter of a bitch’. It hurts me from José Carlos. It hurts me. Here they were talking about a topic, but that is very ugly Because in life Miguel would say to me ‘tell your partner that he is such’. Your husband doesn’t call me that, okay? What you also have to say to José Carlos, and I did it from the bottom of my heart because I love you, it is the good advice that I have always given you out there, both with your sister and with another person. You know that José Carlos has hurt me a lot, because I was fond of him. Do you see that as normal?”, complained Stephen.

Borrego insisted that he was not going to talk about it because it was a private message. “What I have to talk to you about, I’ll talk about in private, because that’s a private message,” Carmen told her partner.

“Leave José Carlos alone. It’s a private message. Don’t pay me because I’m not going to talk,” he added. Esteban asked Carmen for José Carlos’s phone number, but she refused. “Live, no,” she replied. Subsequently, Terelu Campos’s sister was very affected by what happened. “Neither my husband thinks that of Belén nor is he a bad guy, we are going to leave the subject. He seems very ugly to me what he is doing to him,” she lamented.

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