Survivors 2023 offered at its gala on Tuesday, May 30, the return of The Table of Temptations, one of the classic games of the Telecinco ‘reality’. The contestants had to show what they were willing to give up in exchange for certain rewards. Jonan Wiergo and Alma Bollo let their hair be cut.

The ‘influencer’ came across a gigantic vegan burger and yelled: “How crazy! I’m going to go cross-eyed.” Laura Madrueño told her that she would have to shave her hair to get it. The Valencian negotiated several times with her, who proposed: “I take the lettuce, I put three sauces and shave the three.” He accepted the penance and the presenter turned on the razor.

The participant was surprised to see the amount of hair that fell: “Excuse me?” The host of the format commented: “You don’t know how excited it is to do this for me.” Adara Molinero was in charge of finishing shaving her partner: “She is pure adrenaline! I love her!”

Raquel Bollo’s daughter uncovered an appetizing reward in the 2023 Survivors event: a large bowl of carbonara pasta, her favorite dish. Madrueño told her that she would have to cut 45 centimeters of her hair to take it away.

Alma was reluctant to accept at first: “I’ll pass out for three more months here, come on… I can’t. Do you know what this is for me? It’s my hallmark, my strength. I’m not going to win the proof of leader how I cut my hair. Like Samson, it cuts my strength… If they cut my ends and I cry!”

However, the Andalusian ended up giving in when the presenter raised the offer, as she offered her two bowls and two chocolate brownies for dessert. The contestant sent a message to her mother: “Mom, make me a wig, some extensions!”

Adara Molinero was one of the great protagonists of The Table of Temptations. In exchange for part of a cake and a sandwich, she accepted five penances. She will have to cover her eyes for one day, not speak for another, walk tied to Asraf and Jonan, not eat anything past the fire and cut her hair 15 centimeters.

Artùr Dainese took a tray of sushi, but he will have to spend a week without touching food. His companions will be in charge of feeding him. For his part, Bosco Blach Martínez-Bordiú did not hesitate and gave up talking on the phone with his mother to eat a Wellington sirloin.

Asraf Beno was left with another of the classic penances of the test in Survivors 2023: he will have to wear a loincloth. In addition, he said goodbye to the doll that his girlfriend, Isa Pantoja, gave him to get a kebab and two bowls of sweets.

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