Juanma was one of the participants who went through First Dates in its delivery issued on Tuesday, March 21. The 43-year-old bachelor arrived at the Cuatro space restaurant and chatted with Carlos Sobera at the bar. He told her that he is a singer and dancer, but the fact that caught the presenter’s attention the most is that he had been Shakira’s Zumba teacher.

“I could not imagine that she would need classes to dance Zumba. But if she dances everything!” said the driver of the format. The newcomer said about the Colombian: “She is very pretty, very kind, very hard-working. With me she was always wonderful.”

She revealed that she gave him private classes at home when she was pregnant with Sasha: “He made it very easy for me. He wanted a lot of cardio work and required me to set up choreographies.” In addition, she recalled that the artist wanted to know where she was from and made reference to Piqué at that time: “I don’t believe you’re Catalan because I’m married to one and he doesn’t move like that.”

Juanma met Javier, a 40-year-old hairdresser and stylist, at the First Dates restaurant. The two reside in Barcelona and had already met before their appointment in the Cuatro space. Both noted that it was a pleasant surprise to see each other again.

The Zumba teacher recounted: “There was something there. Two years ago I had a performance, he came to see me… I interacted a lot with him and when he left he asked for my phone number.” Although they had maintained contact with the intention of staying, the dancer met another boy shortly after and began a relationship: “I got together.” For his part, Javier admitted in front of the cameras: “I liked Juanma when I met him. He seemed to me an attractive boy, very smiling, very eloquent, the brightness of his eyes … he is a very expressive guy “.

The diners caught up on the ‘dating show’. The singer explained that he had gone to live in Valladolid with his partner, but the relationship ended. In addition, he highlighted that he was more focused on his musical career. They also talked about the dinner they had never shared at the time: “It’s like fate wants us to stay for dinner for some reason.”

They both complimented each other and made it clear that they were excited to have coincided. Juanma surprised her companion by singing I’d rather be without you, a song that she had performed at the concert where they had met. Javier confessed that he had searched for the song and had learned the lyrics.

The performance at First Dates ended with a kiss. “I would love to have a musician boyfriend who sings to me every morning,” said the hairdresser with a laugh. The two said at the time of making the final decision that they wanted to see each other again and have many dates. They kissed again to say goodbye to the format.

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