Susi Caramelo gave an interview to El Hormiguero on Wednesday, May 24. The participant of Tu cara me suena, who spoke of her passage through the program with Agustín Jiménez, recounted her biggest quarrel with her boyfriend.

“Tell us about your boyfriend. You have a Galician boyfriend, but when he goes to your house, he doesn’t want to sleep at your house and goes to a hotel,” said Pablo Motos. “He goes to a hotel because he doesn’t like my house,” she confirmed.

“He’s very nice, my boyfriend is very nice, but I live in a 25-meter flat in Madrid, I haven’t moved house, since I arrived in Madrid I live in the same house. My house is very small, the bathroom is very I’m small, my boyfriend is very old and, also, when you become famous, they give you many things. I have a house that looks like a warehouse, so I don’t fit in. When my boyfriend comes over, he tells me ‘I’m not staying here’ and he He goes to the hotel next door. And I, since the hotel is better than my house, I go to the hotel too,” he said.

In addition, the presenter asked Caramelo about a fight he had with his partner during breakfast. “It turns out that I got angry with him one night for something stupid and he told me ‘one day you’re going to get angry about something real, with good reason’. The next morning I woke up and made myself some breakfast that Dulceida would like I prepare some breakfasts of death, I make some very good juices”, he pointed out.

“I made my juice and, suddenly, I was there having breakfast and I say ‘where is my juice?’, and I see that my boyfriend had put his dick inside. That he put his dick in the juice, the wretch”, assured the guest.

Caramelo and Jiménez, who are in last position in Tu cara me suena, talked about their time on the program. “We are in the middle of the season. In all the series you have seen, all the series that are cool, there is a part in which we are dragged and then it resurfaces,” Jiménez wielded.

In addition, Susi recalled the imitation she did of Enrique and Ana with Aníbal Gómez. “My boyfriend has been mad at me since that day. I’ve given a grimace to my boyfriend since that day… he couldn’t even look at me. He gave him a grimace… he hasn’t touched me again,” she joked.

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