The Patica was in First Dates in its delivery on Wednesday, May 24. The Cuatro space presented him with his nickname and with his real name, José Ángel. He also indicated that he is 26 years old, a farmer and comes from Cacín (Granada). Elsa Anka recognized him for his popularity on TikTok, where he has 1.5 million followers.

The young man explained in the program the origin of his nickname, which comes from an accident his father suffered with a tractor and in which he broke his leg. He also spoke with Carlos Sobera about how he became known on the aforementioned social network and made it clear: “I am not going to leave the field to become famous.”

The bachelor asked for water and some olives at the bar, an aperitif that he loves. “The girls who approach me because I’m famous annoy me because you see that they are interested. What I want is for the one who really loves me to do it because she comes out of it,” he declared.

Noelia, a 27-year-old girl from Écija (Seville) who works as a home help, was El Patica’s date on First Dates. Her first line on the show was “I’m a crazy goat.” She also said that she really likes to eat and that she doesn’t have any complexes. The newcomer recognized the content creator: “My jaw dropped. He is famous and has gone viral.”

The two went to a table and the ‘tiktoker’ was critical of the dishes that were served to them due to their quantities: “We are going to faint. I should have brought the capacha from the field with a good sandwich.” In addition, he said that he did not take being popular too well and recorded a video in the restaurant of the ‘dating show’.

José Ángel confessed during dinner: “I have never had a partner. I am single and whole.” The Sevillana felt that it was a way of saying that she had never had sexual relations. He confirmed it in front of the camera: “I’m a virgin because the case hasn’t happened with the ones I’ve met and I prefer to wait.”

The Andalusian was hungry, so he ordered a large tortilla sandwich and poured mayonnaise on it. He took it with him when making the final decision. Noelia said that she saw he was a good person and stated that she would have a second date with him. However, El Patica did not want to repeat: “You are not my type of girl.”

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