Television The trap of Zapping Dani Mateo with the surprise of his parents

Dani Mateo turned 44 on Thursday, June 1, the day he was once again in charge of Zapeando

Television The trap of Zapping Dani Mateo with the surprise of his parents

Dani Mateo turned 44 on Thursday, June 1, the day he was once again in charge of Zapeando. His colleagues from the La Sexta space had a surprise prepared for him. Cristina Pedroche told him: "We have called someone who wants to congratulate you." Josep María and María, the presenter's parents, entered by video call and he raised his hands to his head.

"But how do you go out without a cap? Don't let me down," he told his father. He replied: "As always, you are ahead of knowledge." The two congratulated him on his birthday, as did his aunt Pilarín, who is a fan of the program and showed a drawing that the comedian had made for him when he was little. "How embarrassing everything is giving me," admitted the Catalan.

"As Miki Nadal has said very well, you are getting older... An older man has to wear something according to his age," said Josep María before showing that he had bought him a cap as a gift. In addition, the format showed images of his childhood and adolescence of him. His graduation photo sparked outrage from him and laughter from him among his classmates.

Dani Mateo's parents chatted with Zapeando's collaborators and remembered what the presenter was like when he was little: "He has never been normal... He was a very good boy, very sensitive, very nice, he never stopped making jokes. Like now, but now it's less good."

Miki Nadal asked them: "Are all the anecdotes he tells about you true?" Maria revealed that the stories that her son shares about her are not always true: "No. The things that she tells have some truth." The aforementioned added: "They are like my jokes, which are somewhat funny."

Josep María confirmed that the anecdote of the shark that his son had related in Zapeando weeks before is "absolutely true". He recalled the joke he had played on him in the summer when he was a child and confessed: "I was a bit cruel, but I tell you what. Never in my life have I seen anyone jump out of the water and get into the raft we were carrying. Still I can't help but laugh."

The humorist's mother revealed what was the greatest punishment they had given him as a child. She explained that one day they were going to see a friend of hers who was sick, so she asked her not to touch anything in case she could catch it: "It was to go through the door, take the syringe with which the child had been pricked and suck it I didn't kill him right there by a miracle." For this reason, Dani Mateo was left without lighting firecrackers and flares at a festival: "He cried like a man possessed."

His parents claimed that he was very prankster and imitated comedians such as Benny Hill and the duo Tuesday and Thirteen. "He is tremendous when he is older. We should have punished him a little later," said María.

The driver of Zapeando said goodbye saying: "Dads, knowing me as you know me, the next time they call you to do this, say that you are busy with something." They stressed that they are retired. He ended up acknowledging that he liked the surprise: "I love you very much, you already know that."

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