The full lyrics to the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" by Encanto are available here

"We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no..."

The full lyrics to the song "We Don't Talk About Bruno" by Encanto are available here

Disney's Encanto premiered in theaters Nov. 24, but since then, Disney+ users have been obsessed with the standout track " We don't talk about Bruno."

Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote all of the songs for "Encanto", and he has proven time and again with musicals such as "Hamilton", "In the Heights", and the Disney film "Moana", that he can write catchy songs. Miranda created a song called "We Don't Talk About Bruno" with different verses that were sung by different characters.

Each character's verse is a reflection of their individual style. It also incorporates a variety melodies that work together in one song.

"Encanto" is the story of Mirabel, a voice actor who plays the role of Mirabel. She is the only member in the Madrigal clan who has not received a magical gift. She discovers that her family and the magical home they live in are losing special abilities. Mirabel must learn more about her distant uncle Bruno, played by John Leguizamo. Bruno disappeared 10 years ago. The other members of the family are reluctant to talk about the uncle they don't know, so the clever title.

The ensemble cast of "We Don't Talk About Bruno", brings nearly the whole main cast together. Carolina Gaitan and Mauro castillo voice aunt Pepa and uncle Felix. They then recall their stormy wedding day. Dolores, a musician, takes over to explain why Bruno has distanced himself from his family. Rhenzy Feliz voices a younger cousin Camilo who describes the uncle's appearance and reasons people fear him. A few people from the surrounding towns join the discussion to express their dislike for Bruno.

Mirabel's older sister Isabela is voiced by Diane Guerrero. She arrives in a theatrical manner to hilariously comment on Bruno's prediction of a bright future for her. Beatriz's Mirabel sings the last verse before the main characters all sing in unison. They then dance around the dining room. This is one of many spectacular group dance routines in the movie.

"We Don't Talk About Bruno", as of the writing, is No. The No. 1 song on Spotify’s Top Songs-USA chart has remained there for several weeks. "Surface Pressure," a similar memorable tune, is a few places below.

After several weeks of climbing steadily up the Billboard Hot 100 charts, "We Don’t Talk About Bruno” finally took the top spot. The ensemble track is the No. 1 song on the February 5 chart. Miranda was Miranda's first appearance at the top of Hot 100 charts as a writer.

"We Don't Talk About Bruno", landing at No. The track is now at the No. 1 spot, meaning it has also surpassed "Let It Go," which is the most loved Disney song. The song "Frozen", peaked at No. 5.

It is the second time that a Disney animated movie song has been No. 1. 1993's top chart was topped by "A Whole New World", the Oscar- and Grammy-winning song "Aladdin."

Social media has been flooded with messages from fans of both the movie and the song, expressing their love for "We Don't Talk About Bruno", and which character they think is the best.

One Twitter user joked about listening to the track constantly.

Camilo was given a shoutout by another viewer. "This section of we don't talk about bruno has so addictive omg," they tweet with a edited video of someone dancing to Camilo’s snippet.


One fan stated that "We Don't Talk About Bruno", while bold but understandable, is better than "Let It Go!" from "Frozen."

"So, has everyone had 'We Don't Talk About Bruno' stuck to their heads for the past month and a quarter?" one tweet user inquired in possibly the most relatable tweet ever about "Encanto." He said, "Like I can guarantee that at any time my brain is just as 'ISABELLA THE BOYFRIENDS HERE! TIME FOR DINNER SIX FOOT FRAME, RATS ALONG HIS --'"

Miranda was asked by another viewer to reveal the secret behind his composing of memorable tunes. "LIN MANUEL MiRANDA WHAT DID You PUT IN? WE DONT TALK ABOUT BRUNO," they wrote.


No matter what the secret, "We Don't Talk About Bruno", whatever it is, will stay in our heads for weeks.

Fans were shocked to learn that "We Don't Talk About Bruno", one of the 2022 Oscar nominations, wasn't included in the announcement. The Academy instead recognized "Dos Oruguitas", a Spanish-language ballad.

The No. The No. 1 track was not overlooked. "Encanto" was released in theaters a few weeks after the Oscar submission deadline for original tracks passed. Disney thought that "Dos Oruguitas", which is "Two Little Caterpillars", would be the film’s biggest hit, and submitted it instead for consideration.

Unfortunately, viewers won't be able to see a live-action performance of the intricate musical number during the ceremony.

We can still listen to "We Don't Talk About Bruno", on repeat, thankfully.

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