The Slots Multiplier and its significance

Over the last one hundred or so years the traditional casino table game market has been rocked by a newcomer,

The Slots Multiplier and its significance

Over the last one hundred or so years the traditional casino table game market has been rocked by a newcomer, one that has managed to change gambling habits by an outrageous amount. We are, of course, talking about slot machines and online slots here, gambling games that have truly and truly changed the casino gambling landscape for the better.

Unlike other casino games like roulette, blackjack or poker, slot machines can come in an almost infinite amount of shapes and sizes, with developers able to customise their creations in a variety of different ways. In the online slot industry the use of online slot multipliers has become a particularly good way for developers to make their games the most inviting. Keep reading for the story of the slots multiplier and its significance.

A basic overview of a slots multiplier

For complete slot novices, let’s take a look at the basic overview of a slots multiplier, because you can only make the most out of these things if you have an appreciation of exactly what they are and how they work. Fortunately for us, the concept of a slots multiplier is incredibly simple, and takes the same kind of approach as the tiered bets in roulette.

For some slots each icon will win you back a multiplication of your wager for a winning combination such as x10 or x15, whereas in other games there are huge win multipliers available in bonus features, some can reach as high as 10,000x!

When did slot multipliers come to prominence?

Despite their ridiculous popularity in the modern slots era, it may surprise you to learn that slot multipliers haven’t always been a thing in the slot gambling world. Charles D. Fey’s celebrated Liberty Bell machine didn’t come equipped with any multipliers, for example, instead offering a flat rate set of jackpot prizes.

In the post WWII era, however, new technology and the legalisation of gambling in many parts of the world led to many advances made in the field of slot machine entertainment. This is where the first multipliers came about, as early slot machine developers sought to attract as many gamblers as possible.

Some wicked slots with multipliers

By now it is probably quite easy to see why so many people like slot multipliers – they can win you a hell of a lot of cash for starters! Without further ado then, lets’ take a look at some of the best slots with multipliers currently available:

· Fishin’ Frenzy Megaways

· Bonanza

· Fluffy Favourites

The overall significance of slots multipliers in the industry

So then, what is the overall significance of slots multipliers in the industry? Well, slot multipliers are actually one of the key reasons behind slot machines’ consistent success over the last several decades, as they make the whole experience a lot more exciting.

Multiplier slots have also made it possible for high rolling gamblers to get a better return on their bets, another reason why slot multipliers are so significant.

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